Yoshinobu Yamamoto to the Dodgers: Where His Deal Ranks in Baseball Contract History

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Baseball and money

Yoshinobu Yamamoto has conscionable signed a awesome woody pinch nan dodgers, but it pales successful comparison to immoderate different shot deals. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

MLB has made nan headlines precocious owed to staggering deals signed by immoderate of its biggest stars. The latest comes courtesy of nan Los Angeles Dodgers, who are reportedly signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto connected a 12-year-deal worthy $325m, according to aggregate sources.

deals worthy hundreds of millions of dollars person go commonplace

For those not excessively acquainted pinch nan world of baseball, that fig mightiness look extortionate. But deals worthy hundreds of millions of dollars person go commonplace successful nan MLB of late.

VegasSlotsOnline News has taken a look done nan caller history books to database nan biggest deals successful baseball. From nan Texas Rangers’ Corey Seager to nan Los Angeles Dodgers’ Shoehei Ohtani, each of these players person lined their pockets pinch gold.

5. Yoshinobu Yamamoto to Dodgers

$325m complete 12 Years

Yamamoto, our astir caller entry, really comes successful 5th successful nan biggest contracts successful MLB history. The Japanese right-handed pitcher is joining nan Los Angeles Dodgers from nan Orix Buffaloes, according to reports this week.

The 25-year-old secured a grounds of 70-29 pinch 1 prevention while playing for nan Buffaloes. Due to their nationality, nan squad will besides get a $50.6m ‘posting fee’ to compensate them.

Although he surely hasn’t secured nan apical spot connected our database by a agelong way, Yamamoto has secured nan astir guaranteed dollars ever fixed to a pitcher. It supersedes nan grounds $324m statement signed by New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole successful 2020.

4. Corey Seager to Rangers

$325m complete 10 Years

Core Seager signed his 10-year statement pinch nan Texas Rangers 2 offseasons agone successful a woody that puts him 4th successful our list. The shortstop is 1 of nan champion hitters successful shot and was a NLCS and World Series MVP successful 2020 while playing for nan Dodgers earlier he made nan move astatine nan property of 27.

the Rangers hit nan Arizona Diamondbacks to triumph nan World Series

Meanwhile, nan Rangers hadn’t had a winning play since 2016, prompting galore to mobility nan move. He countered nan disapproval by arguing that nan Dodgers had a meticulous scheme to return to winning ways. That each came to fruition this twelvemonth erstwhile nan Rangers hit nan Arizona Diamondbacks to triumph nan World Series.

3. Bryce Harper to Phillies

$330m complete 13 Years

In 2019, Bryce Harper signed what was astatine nan clip nan largest free-agent statement successful nan history of nan 4 North American Major Leagues. Although that grounds is now nary more, Harper’s $330m woody pinch nan Philadelphia Phillies puts him conscionable extracurricular nan apical 2 successful our database of shot contracts.

Before joining nan Phillies, Harper won National League MVP playing for nan Washington Nationals. He rejected a statement connection made by his erstwhile squad connected nan last time of nan regular play successful 2018, alternatively deciding to return up free agency. The correct fielder’s Phillies woody besides earned him a $20m signing prize pinch nary deferred money.

In fact, Harper is truthful happy pinch his existent statement that he is supposedly seeking an hold to past until nan extremity of his career. Five years into his tenure pinch nan squad and he has won an MVP and helped nan squad triumph 1 pennant while getting to wrong 1 triumph of another.

2. Aaron Judge to Yankees

$360m complete 9 Years

The New York Yankees finalized a woody pinch Aaron Judge successful December 2022. The nine-year statement takes nan 2nd spot connected our database acknowledgment to nan $360m value tag for nan American outfielder.

rejected a $213.5m connection that would person spanned a seven-year period

Judge has played for nan Yankees since 2016 truthful nan woody secured his position astatine nan nine for a further 9 years. He really rejected a $213.5m connection that would person spanned a seven-year period, earning nan 31-year-old an further $146.5m and 2 guaranteed seasons.  

Last season, Judge deed .311 and tied for nan awesome convention lead pinch 131 RBI. He deed a staggering 16 much location runs than immoderate different player.

1. Shohei Ohtani to Dodgers

$700m complete 10 Years

Number 1 connected our database apt needs very small introduction. Shohei Ohtani signed for nan Los Angeles Dodgers earlier this period aft spending six seasons pinch nan Los Angeles Angels. The $700m woody is not only nan largest statement successful shot history, it is besides nan largest magnitude handed retired by immoderate squad successful sports history.

That said, location is an asterisk adjacent to that full owed to what 1 root described arsenic “unprecedented deferrals” progressive successful nan deal. Ohtani will defer $680m of his statement until aft he has hung up his spikes. This intends he will person conscionable $2m per play alternatively of $70m. Beginning successful 2034, erstwhile he is 39, he will person $68m. Ohtani said he will do this to thief nan squad successful position of financial flexibility.

Regardless, nan Dodgers person secured themselves an unbelievable player. This year, he became nan first MLB man ever named Most Valuable Player by unanimous ballot twice.

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