Wynn Scandal Raises Licensing Doubts Over New Fontainebleau President Maurice Wooden

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Some judge nan caller Fontainebleau President could person immoderate issues getting licensed successful Las Vegas. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Fontainebleau Las Vegas has seen rather nan unit turnover since its opening successful December 2023. Four apical level execs person near successful caller weeks, and now a man brought successful to return nan spot of President mightiness not moreover get his license, if immoderate critics are to beryllium believed.

The five-star luxury edifice announced connected Sunday that erstwhile Wynn Resorts President Maurice Wooden will return nan President position. In confirming nan news, Fontainebleau CEO Jeffrey Soffer praised Wooden’s distinguished career, noting his exemplary erstwhile experience.

However, it is conscionable that erstwhile acquisition that is causing immoderate to uncertainty his suitability. Las Vegas news root Vital Vegas has based on that his engagement successful nan Steve Wynn harassment saga could forestall him from getting a gambling license, which he would request to transportation retired his job.

Wynn agreed to salary $10m and exit nan Nevada gaming sector

Wooden was President of Wynn from 2013 to 2019, a clip during which Wynn Resorts proprietor Steve Wynn sexually harassed a number of female employees. Wynn agreed to salary $10m and exit nan Nevada gaming sector complete nan maltreatment claims successful July past year.  

As reported by Vital Vegas, “Steve Wynn’s behaviour was tolerated and ignored and covered up for years,” each astatine a clip erstwhile Wooden was successful a high-ranking position astatine nan company. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will request to o.k. Wooden’s licence for him to return nan domiciled astatine Fontainebleau, and will nary uncertainty inquire astir his knowledge of Wynn’s behavior.

That said, connected X, galore were speedy to travel to nan defense of Wooden. Las Vegas Locally based on that “Wooden has a awesome estimation arsenic a gaming exec overall,” and they would find it “hard to judge Fontainebleau would prosecute a president who can’t get licensed.”

Another personification called sumthank, said: “As personification who’s been moving successful casinos since I was 18 years old, each executive has a antagonistic communicative astir them.”

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