Wisconsin Tribe Behind $360M Hard Rock Kenosha Casino Resort Divulges Details

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The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin wants to walk $360 cardinal to unfastened a casino edifice successful Kenosha done a business pinch Hard Rock International, nan gaming and hospitality conglomerate owned by Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Wisconsin Kenosha casino Hard Rock MenomineeAfter nan Kenosha City Council postponed a ballot connected trading onshore to nan Menominee Indian Tribe for a Hard Rock casino, nan people is publicizing its edifice plans successful hopes of winning complete councilors. The assembly is expected to reconsider nan onshore waste successful January. (Image: CBS 58)

The Menominee Indians this week revealed specifications of nan projected casino edifice during an question and reply pinch Kenosha News.

Tribal leaders divulged that nan 70,000-square-foot casino would see astir 1,500 slot machines and physics array crippled positions, 55 unrecorded trader array games, and a sportsbook. The edifice would characteristic 150 guestrooms pinch a spa, aggregate restaurants highlighted by a Hard Rock Café, and a normal center.

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Construction would return 18 to 24 months upon receipt of federal, state, and section approvals.

We consciousness nan ambiance is correct for america to bring nan task guardant again,” said Joey Awonohopay, president of nan Menominee Kenosha Gaming Authority. “The scheme is to build it each retired immediately. Our intent is to unafraid backing to build it each out.”

In 2015, nan people pitched a larger casino successful Kenosha for $800 cardinal but nan task was rejected by then-Gov. Scott Walker (R). The politician said “the consequence to nan state’s taxpayers is excessively great” successful refusing to grow nan state’s Class III gaming compact that is required for nan people to run slots and array games.

Details Demanded

Before nan Menominee Indians tin break crushed connected their projected Hard Rock Kenosha casino resort, which would supplement nan tribe’s gaming portfolio that presently includes nan Menominee Casino Resort successful Keshena, nan City of Kenosha must work together to waste 60 acres of city-owned onshore to nan tribe. The Kenosha City Council past period delayed its decision astir trading nan spot located westbound of Interstate 94 astatine 60th St. until nan caller year. The tentative acquisition value is $15 million.

City councilors expressed concerns astir not having capable accusation astir nan project. Councilor Holly Kangas said successful her ballot to postpone that there’s “been a deficiency of information” astir nan plan.

If nan metropolis does waste nan onshore to nan Menominee people, nan people would past request nan national authorities to spot it into trust. If nan Department of nan Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs agrees that nan Menominee person humanities ties to nan land, nan people would past request to found a caller Class III gaming compact pinch Gov. Tony Evers (D).

Diversifying Kenosha

Menominee tribal leaders judge nan metropolis should support nan casino because Hard Rock would springiness caller reasons for group to sojourn nan Wisconsin town.

We are bringing thing unsocial to nan area,” Awonohopay said. “The wide intermezo and nan people that Hard Rock brings to nan area is thing that’s presently not here.”

As for opponents who opportunity a Hard Rock casino would lead to problem gambling and societal issues, Awonohopay said overmuch of nan metropolis is already participating responsibly.

“Does Kenosha person a gambling problem correct now from group going to nan bars and playing slot machines? Are group addicted to [lottery] scratch-off tickets?” Awonohopay asked.

Technically, location are nary slot machines wrong bars, but instead, galore restaurants/bars, convenience stores, and different businesses connection alleged “no-chance” gaming terminals.

The machines show nan subordinate if nan adjacent rotation will triumph aliases lose. Backers of nan arguable terminals opportunity that removes nan constituent of chance. State courts proceed to deliberate their legality.

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