What Is Hi-Hi? The Mysterious Group Asking How Far You Would Go for the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of

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Hi-Hi incidents

Some mysterious events person been occurring recently, and it is each linked to Donald Glover and a group called Hi-Hi.

Peculiar times

A shocking disruption that called an extremity to a drama show, 2 furry animals playing havoc pinch Tyra Banks astatine an NBA game, and a very nationalist creation heist. All of these incidents occurred complete nan past 8 days, and they are each linked to 1 sanction – Hi-Hi.

a female smashed a solid lawsuit to bargain civilization Goodman shoes

It each began past week astatine an accumulation by renowned creator Timothy Goodman successful New York City. When nan lights went retired portion measurement through, a female smashed a solid lawsuit to bargain civilization Goodman shoes made successful collaboration pinch manner location Alexander McQueen. Security past ushered retired confused attendees.

Just days later, a mates of group dressed arsenic furry animals strolled into an NBA game. They sat down adjacent to bemused-looking exemplary Tyra Banks, proceeding to caress each different while Banks grew progressively frustrated. Security yet removed nan pair, but not earlier they had made it onto nan Jumbotron respective times.

The astir caller incident occurred connected Thursday nighttime erstwhile a Mark Normand drama gig was disrupted by an assemblage personnel stepping connected stage. Security instantly dragged him retired of nan room earlier swiftly calling an extremity to nan show and ordering nan assemblage out. The drastic action caused a batch of speculation, pinch immoderate suggesting nan man was tasered.

Solving nan puzzle

All of these incidents were caught connected camera and shared wide connected societal media. It seems that this was nan extremity of nan group that orchestrated nan unusual events, which is asking group to bet it each for a amended life.

The hi_hi_ Instagram page has pinned stories for each of nan incidents

The nexus to Hi-Hi first became evident erstwhile celebrated musician and movie prima Donald Glover shared footage of nan 3 incidents connected Instagram, reposted from an relationship called hi_hi_. He captioned these pinch nan phrase: “Hi-Hi disposable now.” The hi_hi_ Instagram page has pinned stories for each of nan incidents, branded “Heist,” “Courtside,” and “Comedy Club.”

According to its page, which already has much than 5,000 followers, HiHi is asking group to DM it pinch applications. It is asking them really acold they are consenting to spell to unrecorded a life they person ever dreamed off, what is nan biggest consequence they person ever taken, and what is thing they would do if they would ne'er get caught. A number of applicant videos are pinned to nan page successful which group reply nan questions.

Meanwhile, HiHi’s existent posts see images of a helicopter, a upland landscape, a portion of artwork, and a Range Rover car – each pinch mysterious captions, specified arsenic “Let’s roll.”

A Glover promotion?

Glover, who goes by nan moniker Childish Gambino erstwhile making music, is undoubtedly nan cardinal to really this each fits together. He is known for reasoning extracurricular of nan container creatively, and he has an upcoming show to beforehand that astir most apt provides an reply to nan mystery.

a reboot of nan 2005 movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, this clip made for TV done Amazon Prime

Glover is starring alongside Maya Erskine successful a reboot of nan 2005 movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, this clip made for TV done Amazon Prime. Cocreated by Glover and Francesca Sloane, who worked together connected Glover’s highly-acclaimed Atlanta, nan caller bid reimagines nan original starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Most importantly, nan bid coincidentally features a mysterious entity nicknamed “Hihi,” named aft nan measurement nan group greets Glover’s characteristic successful messages. The show will beryllium released connected February 2, making now nan cleanable clip to create a small spot of hype and enigma surrounding it. Glover is surely doing conscionable that.

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