VEGAS RESTAURANT ROUNDUP: Rao’s to Rao-pen on Strip?

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Posted on: January 31, 2024, 03:18h. 

Last updated on: February 1, 2024, 11:43h.

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Rao’s, nan beyond-exclusive Italian eatery, is reportedly scouting locations for its 2nd Las Vegas run. According to nan New York Post, this will hap while its owners are successful municipality to service 5 nights of pop-up dinners to VIP invitees astatine a concealed location during nan Super Bowl.

Rao’s co-owner Frank Pellegrino Jr.,Rao’s co-owner Frank Pellegrino Jr., shown astatine Rao’s Caesars Palace successful 2017, claimed that moreover he couldn’t get a array astatine nan eatery’s New York City location. (Image: Getty)

The original Rao’s, which has operated successful nan aforesaid mini New York City building successful East Harlem since 1896, is truthful exclusive that “table rights” are required to reserve 1 of its 4 tables and six booths.

When Rao’s opened only its 2nd location successful 2006, it chose Las Vegas. Its 260 seats astatine Caesars Palace could beryllium reserved by anyone, and conscionable astir everyone did, conscionable to sample what they had been precluded from eating for their full big lives.

Las Vegas misses you, Bubbles! (Image: Las Vegas Sun)

The acquisition was astir remembered not only for nan celebrated nutrient smothered successful reddish sauce, but for nan beingness of beyond-congenial, 380-lb. big Robert “Bubbles” Ubriaco.

Rao’s closed astatine Caesars 9 years later, a unfortunate of nan pandemic shutdown. And Bubbles, tragically, died of a changeable successful 2011.

Two different Rao’s person opened, and reportedly thrived, since nan Las Vegas venue opened its doors — 1 successful Hollywood successful 2013, and different past twelvemonth successful Miami.

Dining Ins & Outs

When we reported that Resorts World would get a Happy Lamb Hot Pot, our sources weren’t acold off. Copper Sun, nan first fine-dining conception from nan Happy Lamb chain, will service Inner-Mongolian cuisine astatine nan edifice starting this summer.

The Rio is shuttering its All American Bar & Grill aft work connected February 13. Its replacement will reportedly beryllium a $2M edifice called American Fix. Earlier this month, nan Rio opened nan Canteen Food Hall connected nan tract of its erstwhile Carnival World Buffet, arsenic we reported it would backmost successful November.   

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