VEGAS MYTHS RE-BUSTED: Casinos Employ Coolers to Stop Hot Streaks

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Posted on: February 2, 2024, 07:07h. 

Last updated on: February 2, 2024, 11:26h.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: “Vegas Myths Busted” publishes each Monday, pinch a prize Flashback Friday edition. Today’s introduction successful our ongoing bid primitively ran connected Aug. 14, 2023.

In nan Oscar-nominated 2003 movie “The Cooler,” William H. Macy portrays a downtown Las Vegas casino worker whose occupation is to reverse winning streaks. Bernie Lootz — get it, lose? — has specified bonzer bad luck, each he needs to do is beryllium adjacent to a impermanent experiencing bully luck and it stops.

William H. MacyActor William H. Macy sells an municipality fable successful nan 2003 movie “The Cooler.” (Image: Lion’s Gate)

“No occupation for illustration this tin beryllium coming successful Las Vegas,” Anthony F. Lucas, a professor of casino guidance astatine UNLV and erstwhile gaming manufacture operations analyst, told “Many in-house procedures and outer regulations are successful spot to guarantee randomness is coming successful nan accumulation of nan outcomes connected each games.”

Employing personification to change nan random process of statistic would suffice arsenic cheating.

Players would not patronize a casino that is known, aliases moreover rumored, to cheat,” Lucas said. “And if caught, consequences specified arsenic dense fines, imaginable nonaccomplishment of nan gaming license, and catastrophic PR fallout would each beryllium likely.”

In addition, Lucas said, casinos request large winners, because “they supply valuable marketing.”

Most importantly, though, there’s nary specified point arsenic bully luck aliases bad luck.

“What galore group don’t understand astir randomness is that it includes some basking and acold streaks,” Lucas said. “Therefore, location is nary request to bring successful personification to impact nan crippled — moreover if personification could — since it will retrieve connected its own.”

Were Coolers Ever a Real Thing?

“The Cooler” didn’t return spot successful modern Las Vegas, though. It appears to person been group successful nan past, sometime earlier its 2003 merchandise date. (Reno subbed for Las Vegas to springiness it a smaller feel.)

William H. Macy, arsenic Bernie Lootz, does his point astatine a downtown Las Vegas blackjack array successful “The Cooler.” (Image: Lion’s Gate)

Before casinos wholly understood and placed their religion successful nan mathematics of nan location advantage, immoderate of their operators were arsenic superstitious arsenic their customers. For example, it wasn’t unheard of for pit bosses to transportation rabbit’s feet, transverse their fingers during tense craps rolls, aliases deterioration their fortunate shirts to activity to guarantee a profitable location run.

In this environment, nan conception of a casino cooler surely seems plausible.

However, an extended hunt of newspaper articles and books astir Las Vegas from nan ’50s done nan ’80s turned up not a azygous reference to anyone employed by a casino to enforce bad luck connected a unrecorded gaming floor.

There was a conception called a “casino cooler.” However, it referred to a rigged platform of cards (aka a acold deck) that cheaters would effort to present into play to move a array game’s likelihood successful their favor.

Cooler Heads Prevail

The premise of “The Cooler” was borrowed by screenwriters Wayne Kramer and Frank Hannah from 1 of galore mendacious beliefs held by immoderate of nan heaviest casino gamblers of yesteryear.

While it surely is imaginable for a casino worker pinch an unsettling look aliases wont to person been seated adjacent to a victor to distract their thought process and propulsion their crippled off, each specified stories are highly suspect, astatine best.

“Heavy gamblers are often very superstitious,” Lucas explained. “So if they’re winning erstwhile personification other happens to subordinate nan array aliases a trader switches out, they are tempted to construe these random events arsenic nan casino trying to messiness pinch their luck.”

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