VEGAS MYTHS BUSTED: A Kansas City Chiefs Flag is Buried Under Allegiant Stadium

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Posted on: February 5, 2024, 08:19h. 

Last updated on: February 5, 2024, 01:42h.

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On Dec. 29, 2017, nan Las Vegas Review-Journal ran a communicative proclaiming that “a man buried a Kansas City Chiefs emblem adjacent what is expected to beryllium nan 30-yard statement of nan caller Raiders stadium going up connected nan Strip.”

According to a 2017 communicative successful nan Las Vegas Review-Journal, a building worker helping to build Allegiant Stadium planted nan emblem of his favourite team, nan Kansas City Chiefs, underneath nan section arsenic a bad-luck charm for nan Las Vegas Raiders. (Image:

Construction worker and diehard Chiefs instrumentality Chris Scherzer had posted a photograph to Facebook of a coworker holding nan flag, which read, “Chiefs Kingdom.” The photo’s caption declared: “Flag buried successful dirt, encased successful concrete, pinch a stadium built connected apical of it … Chiefs 1, Raiders 0.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s 2017 communicative featured nan Facebook photograph taken by building worker Chris Scherzer astatine nan stadium site. (Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Scherzer had agelong hidden nan personality of nan man he photographed, claiming that “People are trying to get him fired complete it.”

The man supposedly buried nan emblem arsenic a bad-luck charm for nan Raiders, whose rivalry pinch nan Chiefs dates to nan AFL and is 1 of nan NFL’s bitterest, tracing backmost to their first gathering of nan 1970 season.

In that game, Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor attacked Raiders protect extremity Ben Davison for diving into Chiefs backmost Len Dawson pinch his helmet arsenic he fell to nan crushed during a first down.

A bench-clearing brawl ensued.

Since nan caller location of nan Raiders opened connected July 31, 2020, superstitious members of Raider Nation person had nan emblem to blasted for their squad losing each 4 of their games against nan Chiefs astatine home, whereas nan Raiders went 2-2 successful Kansas City during nan aforesaid period.

As soon arsenic it came down to nan Chiefs v. nan San Francisco 49ers successful Super Bowl LVIII astatine Allegiant Stadium, interest complete nan buried emblem reached new heights — chiefly among 49ers fans. Even USA Today ran an article repeating nan story connected January 29.

False Flag

The story was finally busted by KLAS-TV/Las Vegas connected January 30.

It turns out, nan building worker’s sanction was Gerard DeCosta, and he and his friend lied astir burying nan emblem he held up successful nan photo.

Tommy White, nan section labour national leader who oversaw building of Allegiant Stadium, holds nan emblem fixed to him by 1 of nan pranksters. (Image: KLAS-TV)

Local labour national leader Tommy White, who oversaw building of nan stadium, told KLAS that he’s known astir nan hoax for years. He tracked down DeCosta arsenic soon arsenic erstwhile Raiders president Marc Badain called him, demanding to cognize if nan Facebook station was true.

White said DeCosta admitted to nan prank and gave him nan flag, proving his story.

“He conscionable told maine nan afloat communicative astir it,” White told  KLAS, posing pinch nan flag. “This is his flag. It’s ne'er been buried.”

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