Union Scores Decent Severance for Tropicana Las Vegas Employees

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Posted on: January 30, 2024, 08:28h. 

Last updated on: January 31, 2024, 11:26h.

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When nan Tropicana Casino permanently closes connected April 2, 2 days awkward of its 67th anniversary, galore of its labor could locomotion distant pinch a twelvemonth aliases much successful pay.

An undated photograph of nan Tropicana casino floorAn undated photograph of nan Tropicana casino floor. Many seasoned labor will locomotion distant from nan doomed edifice pinch a twelvemonth aliases much successful pay. (Image: bons-plans-voyage-ouest-american.com)

Because of a national statement successful December, severance astatine nan Las Vegas Strip edifice includes $2,000 for each twelvemonth of employment, pinch nary headdress connected nan benefit. So hundreds of labor could person arsenic overmuch arsenic $60K each.

“It’s a important portion of that workforce that has been moving location for decades,” Secretary-Treasurer of nan Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Ted Pappageorge said during a Zoom news convention earlier this week.

In Las Vegas, hotels are bought and sold connected a regular basis,” Pappageorge added. “New projects are welcomed to Las Vegas, but workers can’t beryllium discarded for illustration an aged shoe.”

The Trop’s owner, Bally’s Corporation, which is unrelated to nan Caesars spot that utilized to beryllium called Bally’s, has decided to implode nan vintage Vegas spot to make room connected nan Strip for a caller shot stadium for nan Oakland A’s.

Nevada legislators approved $380M successful nationalist funding past twelvemonth to thief build nan $1.5 cardinal ballpark.

Bally’s Corp. besides intends to build a caller casino edifice adjacent to nan ballpark, and longtime labor of nan Tropicana are being offered nan action of accepting a little severance payout successful speech for being considered higher connected nan database of candidates for employment there.

Pappageorge said nan union’s statement pinch nan Tropicana will use to nan caller casino resort, but not to nan stadium. However, nan national does person an statement pinch nan A’s that would perchance allow stadium workers to unionize and discuss national contracts.

“We dream location will beryllium a way guardant for each stakeholders truthful nan Las Vegas A’s tin subordinate nan Vegas Golden Knights and nan Las Vegas Raiders to proceed this translator arsenic Las Vegas, nan ‘Entertainment Capital of nan World,’ besides becomes nan ‘Sporting Capital of nan World,’” Pappageorge told Casino.org past year.

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