UK Regulator Agrees That Mecca Bingo Ad Suggests Gambling Boosts Self-Esteem

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A UK regulator has ruled that Mecca Bingo sewage 1 of its ads wrong, arsenic it suggested gambling could boost self-esteem. [Image:]

An advertisement posted by Mecca Bingo suggests gambling could beryllium utilized arsenic a measurement of boosting a person’s self-esteem.

Unsurprisingly, nan institution faced disapproval pursuing a title complete its Instagram ad, posted successful August. The advertisement successful mobility featured 2 images of personage resistance queen Baga Chipz.

Don’t you conscionable emotion that post-bingo glow?

One image presented Chipz successful plain apparel pinch nary constitution and nan different showed Chipz wearing a reddish sequined outfit pinch jewelry and makeup. To complete nan ad, a caption read: “A bully crippled tin toggle shape you! Don’t you conscionable emotion that post-bingo glow?”

The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) received complaints from viewers who believed nan advertisement suggested that gambling could boost a person’s image and self-esteem if they gambled. The ASA upheld nan complaints, asserting that it did springiness this belief based connected nan contrasting images of Chipz.

Mecca Bingo responded, claiming that nan “post-bingo glow” was meant to connote nan emotion 1 has aft a nighttime of playing bingo and was meant to item nan “positive” acquisition nan institution intends to deliver.

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