UK PM Rishi Sunak Makes £1,000 Bet That He Will Deport Refugees to Rwanda

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Rishi Sunak

UK PM Rishi Sunak is nether occurrence for making a stake complete exile policies. [Image:]

Rishi Sunak, nan Prime Minister of nan UK, has been criticised for making a stake complete nan deportation of refugees. He shook hands pinch arguable TV characteristic Piers Morgan during an question and reply connected Tuesday, agreeing to stake £1,000 ($1,254) that he would deport refugees to Rwanda earlier nan adjacent wide election.

The infinitesimal was shared wide connected societal media:

Rishi Sunak has accepted a £1,000 stake from Piers Morgan that deportation flights to Rwanda will beryllium up and moving earlier nan General Election.

The afloat question and reply is owed to beryllium shown connected nan Piers Morgan Uncensored YouTube transmission astatine 2pm and TalkTV astatine 8pm connected Monday (5 February).

— The Independent (@Independent) February 5, 2024

Under Sunak’s projected Rwanda plans, asylum seekers arriving successful nan UK via vessel would beryllium sent to nan African state to beryllium processed. There, they would either beryllium granted exile position and allowed to enactment successful nan UK aliases use to settee successful Rwanda connected different grounds. They could besides activity asylum successful different 3rd country.

Sunak thinks nan scheme would enactment arsenic a deterrent for those readying to scope nan UK by boat. Notably, nan UK Supreme Court ruled that Rwanda was unsafe past year, deeming nan connection unlawful and blocking it. However, Sunak is eager to get nan scheme kickstarted again, arguing that he has introduced caller authorities to allay concerns.

It’s conscionable a crippled to these people”

Whatever nan case, galore person criticized Sunak’s bet. The Scottish National Party’s Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn called nan wager “depraved” connected societal media, adding: “It’s conscionable a crippled to these people.” Meanwhile, Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth said making a £1,000 stake during a costs of surviving situation “shows that Rishi Sunak is wholly retired of touch pinch moving people.”

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