UK Jockey Dies After Horse Hits Side of Jump During Race

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Horses going complete jump during race

British jockey Keagan Kirkby has died successful Kent aft his equine veered into nan broadside of a jump. [Image:]

Jockey Keagan Kirkby has died aft a autumn during a equine title successful Kent, UK.

Horse photography patient JTW Equine Images took to X connected Monday successful a tribute pinch images of Kirkby successful action:

Absolutely mislaid for words to comprehend nan sadness nan racing family knowledgeable yesterday. Keagan Kirkby, you were truthful well-respected, and you will beryllium very overmuch missed by Team Ditcheat, your family and friends.

Rest successful peace, thoughts pinch everyone who knew you.

— JTW Equine Images (@JTWEquineImag) February 5, 2024

The 25-year-old Kirkby was riding successful nan Charing point-to-point meet successful Kent connected Sunday erstwhile his locally trained equine veered disconnected people and collided pinch nan broadside of a jump. An on-course aesculapian squad and an aerial ambulance unit treated nan fallen jockey successful beforehand of nan shocked spectators, but Kirkby’s injuries proved fatal.  

Kirkby worked astatine nan stables of British National Hunt champion equine trainer Paul Nicholls. He joined nan trainer’s stables successful Ditcheat, Somerset successful 2019 and a panel shortlisted him for “an industry-wide employees’ award,” nan BBC reported.

Nicholls stated Kirkby would beryllium missed “terribly.”

All astatine squad Ditcheat are mortified.”

“Winners wholly insignificant compared to what has happened today. All astatine squad Ditcheat are mortified. Thoughts pinch each his friends and family,” Nicholls added successful a tribute connected X.

British Horseracing Authority Chief Executive Julie Harrington besides paid tribute successful a statement, saying nan full racing manufacture will mourn nan nonaccomplishment of a young jockey pinch truthful overmuch potential.

Harrington added that his grant information said of a “thoughtful rider who develops a individual enslaved pinch his horses [and] his affable, adjuvant quality and fame connected nan yard.”

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