Two Maryland Brothers Indicted for Scamming Victims Out of $3.5m in Lottery Scheme

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Lottery scam matter messages

Two Maryland brothers person been indicted by a national expansive assemblage aft scamming victims retired of $3.5m complete 3 years successful a lottery scheme. [Image:]

Three-year scam

A national expansive assemblage has indicted 2 Maryland brothers for their engagement successful a lottery scam that tricked victims into believing they had won nan lottery.

Dwayne Henry, 32, and Wayne Henry, 34, some of Landover Hills, Maryland, had been moving nan strategy for 3 years. Over that time, they defrauded victims of much than $3.5m.

charged pinch conspiracy to perpetrate message fraud

The 2 men were charged pinch conspiracy to perpetrate message fraud. If convicted, nan brace look 20 years successful national prison.

What happened?

The lottery strategy took spot betwixt October 2020 and December 2023. The Henry brothers and co-conspirators targeted victims by message and by phone, convincing them they had won millions of dollars successful a lottery.

To person their winnings, nan victims had to make an beforehand costs done gift cards, ligament transfers, aliases cash. The scam worked, arsenic galore group grounded to heed nan blaring siren bells.

made to judge they had won $5.5m successful nan lottery

Using a clone sanction – Anthony Henry – and a clone address, nan brace sent packages and suitcases, allegedly containing nan victims’ winnings. In 1 instance, a victim, J.P., was made to judge they had won $5.5m successful nan lottery. J.P. was sent a metallic suitcase, purportedly holding nan winnings, but to unfastened nan locked suitcase, J.P. had to nonstop nan “required taxes and fees” to get nan code.

Attempting to unfastened nan suitcase earlier receiving nan codification would consequence successful an exploding ink battalion destroying nan money inside, nan unfortunate was told.

Never received winnings

Over nan 3 years, nan Henry brothers allegedly tracked nan packages sent to and from nan victims. Wayne reportedly received respective packages containing victims’ costs to get their winnings, each addressed to Anthony Henry.

Needing to put nan money somewhere, Wayne opened 2 slope accounts to person some peer-to-peer transfers and rate deposits. The brothers are believed to person sent money to each different utilizing a integer costs network.

Thinking themselves unstoppable, nan brace pulled retired each nan stops erstwhile scamming their victims.

packages that nan unfortunate believed contained checks amounting to $150m

In different lawsuit of fraud, nan duo sent packages that nan unfortunate believed contained checks amounting to $150m. To person nan money, nan victim, J.S., was asked successful a statement to interaction nan writer upon which nan Henrys requested nan personification interaction them connected a telephone number ending successful 9391. The instructions were “to get successful touch . . . astir paying you nan 150 cardinal dollars.”

Needless to say, nan unfortunate ne'er received anything.

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