Turkish Gangster Gets Life for Murder of Cypriot Casino Owner

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Casino news - A Turkish gangster has been fixed 2 life sentences aft an Istanbul tribunal recovered him blameworthy of premeditated execution successful narration to nan 2022 shooting death of Northern Cyprus casino proprietor Halil Falyalı.

Halil Falyalı, Mustafa Söylemez, Mehmet Faysal Söylemez Halil Falyalı, supra left, was changeable to decease successful Northern Cyprus successful February 2022. On Friday, a tribunal successful Istanbul wished that Mustafa Söylemez, apical right, was nan man who pulled nan trigger. (Image: Gazete Oksijen)

Mustafa Söylemez was besides convicted of “forming and starring a criminal organization.” His brother, Mehmet Faysal Söylemez, besides an alleged underworld figure, was cleared of nan aforesaid charges.

Three different defendants, Abdurrahim Çelik, Cengiz Şener, and Ender Yıldız, were each sentenced to 25 years successful situation for “assisting successful premeditated murder” and “membership successful a criminal organization.”

Deadly Ambush

Falyalı died successful a hail of bullets successful February 2022 aft his motorcade was ambushed by men pinch Kalashnikovs successful nan colony of Çatalköy, Northern Cyprus. His driver, Murat Demirtaş, was besides killed successful nan attack. The murders were witnessed by Falyalı’s woman and children, who were walking successful a different conveyance and were unhurt.

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Falyalı owned nan five-star Les Ambassadeurs Hotel & Casino successful Northern Cyprus and was a large changeable successful nan section online gambling industry.

In 2015, nan US authorities accused Falyalı of being portion of a supplier trafficking cognition that flooded nan UK pinch heroin. A twelvemonth later, nan DOJ charged him pinch laundering nan proceeds of narcotics income wrong nan US.

He ne'er faced justness because neither nan US nor nan UK person an extradition pact pinch Northern Cyprus, a de facto authorities recognized only by Turkey.

Prior to his killing, Falyalı had been named by Turkish Mafia fig Sedat Peker arsenic a captious cog successful an world cocaine trafficking cognition pinch links to salient Turkish politicians. Peker claimed immense quantities of nan supplier were shipped to Turkey from Venezuela and past to nan Middle East, and nan profits were laundered by Falyalı successful his casinos.

‘Obscene Tapes’

Peker besides claimed that Falyalı enjoyed powerfulness and power because he held “obscene tapes,” featuring various politicians who had been secretly filmed while they were staying astatine his hotel.

Peker is presently successful exile successful nan United Arab Emirates, wherever he has elaborate nan alleged engagement of authorities figures successful forbidden “Deep State” activities done a bid of YouTube videos.

In nan 1990s, nan Söylemez brothers fought a sadistic warfare for nan power of arms and supplier trafficking successful eastbound Turkey. In 1 incident, authorities disrupted a crippled that progressive nan brothers attacking a rival leader from a chopper pinch occurrence throwers.

After Turkish authorities issued a warrant for their apprehension successful 2004, nan brothers fled to bluish Iraq, and past to Azerbaijan, but returned to Turkey soon earlier nan killing. The nonstop motive for nan execution remains unclear.

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