Trainwreck Criticized for Paying Top Players to Carry Him Into Top Ranks of Overwatch 2

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Popular slots streamer Trainwreck has been criticized for paying immoderate of Overwatch 2’s champion players to squad up pinch him and transportation him into nan game’s apical ranks. [Image:]

Dragged to elite levels

Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam is champion known for being 1 of nan astir celebrated slots streamers connected nan internet, but he does for illustration to play competitory video games, arsenic well. And it is that type of gaming that is nan root of contention this week, arsenic Trainwreck has been accused of engaging successful a shape of “boosting” to emergence successful nan Overwatch 2 competitory rankings.

Specifically, Niknam is being admonished successful nan video crippled organization for paying immoderate of nan world’s champion Overwatch players to squad up pinch him and frankincense thief him triumph nan games he needed to scope higher and higher competitory tiers. Trainwreck boasted connected X that it took him conscionable 3 days to spell from nan bottommost to among nan apical 200-ranked players successful “tank” leader category.

only took 3 days to get apical 200 successful OW2 🥱

to celebrate, let's do a $10,000 giveaway, 5 winners, $2000 each. LIKE, RETWEET, & REPLY WITH A BTC ADDRESS TO ENTER.

— Trainwreck (@Trainwreckstv) March 22, 2024

While this is not technically boosting – boosting is erstwhile a highly-skilled subordinate takes complete a lower-skilled player’s relationship successful bid to level it up nan ranks – astir would astir apt see it “boosting adjacent.” Trainwreck played connected his ain account, but he was carried by elite players, including immoderate who utilized to play successful nan now-defunct Overwatch League.

It pays to pay

None of this was done successful secret, arsenic Trainwreck and those who he queued pinch – names that included Moxy, Dafran, Kragie, Warn, and Guru – streamed their Overwatch 2 sessions for each to see. Dafran moreover titled his stream: “BOOSTING TRAIN TO TOP 500 REAL QUICK.”

has a video clip connected his Twitch page that shows erstwhile Niknam donated $3,500 during his stream

Posters connected nan “Competitiveoverwatch” subreddit said that Trainwreck donated thousands of dollars to immoderate aliases each of nan Overwatch streamers pinch which he played. Warn moreover has a video clip connected his Twitch page that shows erstwhile Niknam donated $3,500 during his stream.

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One personification replied to Trainwreck’s celebratory tweet supra by posting clips of him making unspeakable plays pinch various Overwatch heroes, a benignant of needle astatine Trainwreck to opportunity he is not top-200 worldly without assistance:

And again, while teaming up pinch amended players to transportation 1 to greater classed heights – moreover paying them to do truthful – is not technically considered boosting, it is surely frowned upon. It is looked astatine arsenic a slap successful nan look to those who put successful nan activity to scope nan highest ranks, particularly because it looks for illustration Trainwreck paid thousands of dollars for nan assistance.

Competitive mode overhaul

Overwatch 2 has had a unsmooth spell of it since its merchandise successful October 2022. Its deficiency of important improvement, aliases moreover important changes astatine all, complete nan original Overwatch has drawn nan ire of gamers.

Among nan galore problems players person had pinch nan crippled is nan changes Blizzard made successful nan competitory mode from Overwatch to Overwatch 2. The mode was panned for its deficiency of transparency – cipher understood really it worked and enigma erstwhile trying to move up successful nan rankings is not fun. Rankings were adjusted each 5 wins aliases 15 losses, which was conscionable weird.

built a amended strategy that’s much accurate”

Starting pinch nan existent Season 9, though, nan Overwatch dev squad revamped nan competitory system, saying it “built a amended strategy that’s much accurate.” Ranks are now updated aft each crippled and advancement gained aliases mislaid toward nan adjacent accomplishment section is displayed. Modifiers are besides shown to nan subordinate aft a lucifer arsenic measurement to explicate why their ranking advancement barroom whitethorn person moved for illustration it did.

And because location person been truthful galore changes to nan wide Overwatch 2 gameplay lately, everyone’s rank was reset.

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