The Essential Guide to the GPI Global Poker Awards 2024 – Part 1: Players

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GPI Global Poker Awards

Lottery news portal - The Global Poker Awards are approaching and we person surgery down categories related to players. [Image:]

Trophies galore

On February 24, nan 5th GPI Global Poker Awards will beryllium broadcast unrecorded connected PokerGO from nan PokerGO workplace astatine Aria Resort & Casino successful Las Vegas. At slightest 26 awards successful full will beryllium fixed retired connected nan night, 16 of which were chosen by nan voting sheet members and 4 of which were chosen by nan fans. 

The winners successful 4 categories are already known. Bin Weng will beryllium presented pinch nan GPI Poker Player of Year trophy, Kristen Foxen took down nan GPI Female Player of nan Year grant for a 4th time, Nick Pupillo will cod nan Mid-Major PoY title, and GGPoker’s ‘Game of Gold’ show  has earned nan GPI Award of Merit. 

there will beryllium surprises excessively arsenic different trophies are bestowed upon deserving members of nan community

As is nan norm astatine nan Global Poker Awards, location will beryllium surprises excessively arsenic different trophies are bestowed upon deserving members of nan community. These see The Hendon Mob Award and nan Charitable/Community Initiative. It is chartless whether Poker Icon, won antecedently by Gabe Kaplan, Mike Sexton, and Johnny Chan will beryllium awarded. 

Comesky and Spragg lead nan way 

Last year’s Rising Star successful Content Creation grant recipient Caitlin Comeskey leads nan measurement this twelvemonth pinch 3 nominations. She is up for Best Short-Form Content Creator, Best Video Content, and Best Twitter Personality. Standing successful her measurement successful each 3 of those categories is Marle Spragg. New kid connected nan artifact Alexander Seibt “Wolfgang Poker,” is besides nominated for 3 awards – Best Short-Form Content Creator Category, Best Vlogger, and Best Poker Personality. 

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It is nary astonishment that nan World Poker Tour (WPT) is good represented, nominated successful 4 manufacture categories pinch 3 much nominations going to members of their squad – Adam Pliska, Matt Savage, and David Hill – and 1 much going to their champion Daniel Seipol. The Irish Poker Open (IPO) is nominated successful 2 categories – Best Event and Best Stand Alone Poker Festival. 

I shall beryllium breaking down nan awards into 3 umbrella categories

To whet nan appetite for nan Global Poker Awards and situs togel resmi has go customary astatine this clip of year, I shall beryllium breaking down nan awards into 3 umbrella categories and giving my picks crossed a trilogy of articles including this one. So without further ado, let’s return a look astatine nan Global Poker Award nominees that grant nan efforts of nan players.


This class was voted connected by nan apical 100 players connected nan GPI arsenic of January 3, 2024

  • Stephen Chidwick
  • Alex Foxen
  • Isaac Haxton
  • Jason Koon

Any 1 of these 4 titans would beryllium a worthy victor of this prize. In 2023, Jason Koon won a staggering six Triton titles and had his biggest ever year, adding $13.4m to his unrecorded profession earnings. Alex Foxen won $4.1m, brining his profession net to much than $30m. Last year’s victor of this accolade, Stephen Chidwick, was accordant arsenic usual, adding almost $10m to his ‘Hendon Mob’ stats pinch 17 apical 3 finishes including 5 victories.  

My pick, however, has sewage to beryllium Isaac Haxton who had a standout twelvemonth successful what is 1 of nan awesome poker careers. He cashed for almost $17m pinch wins successful nan PokerGO Tour Super Highroller, astatine nan US Poker Open and PokerGo Cup, 2 Super-Highroller victories astatine nan PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA), an European Poker Tour (EPT) Highroller title successful Monaco, and a bracelet successful nan $25,000 Highroller event. 


  • Padraig O’Neill, EPT Prague
  • Erik Seidel, WSOP Paradise Super High Roller
  • Daniel Sepiol, WPT World Championship astatine Wynn Las Vegas
  • Daniel Weinman, WSOP Main Event

Not each victories are equal. Some are connected nan biggest stages and immoderate play retired successful ways that situation different accomplishment sets. Dan Weinman won nan biggest tourney of each clip and his capacity was retired of apical drawer. Daniel Seipol pulled nan trigger connected a immense bluff versus Andrew Lichtenberger to get his engines started connected what ended up being an epic WPT World Championship last table. Erik Seidel is simply a fable of nan crippled and astatine nan World Series of Poker (WSOP) Bahamas, he proved erstwhile again why he has stayed astatine nan apical crossed 5 decades. 

remarkable intelligence fortitude and composure to adjacent retired a celebrated victory

Looking astatine this class closely, however, I deliberation it should reward not conscionable nan position of nan triumph but besides nan measurement that nan last array played out. The EPT Prague is 1 of Europe’s biggest tournaments and Padraig O’Neill’s last array capacity tested his abilities successful each measurement that you tin beryllium tested successful nan endgame of a tournament. He had to beryllium ICM-aware arsenic nan short-stack. He had to play each nan stack-sizes arsenic he climbed up nan ladder. He made and called immoderate immense bluffs. Having sewage nan lead, he was dragged backmost and had to excavation deep, showing singular intelligence fortitude and composure to adjacent retired a celebrated victory.   


  • Jans Arends
  • William Kopp
  • Samuel Laskowitz
  • Santosh Suvarna

Samuel Laskowitz’s sanction could not beryllium recovered connected The Hendon Mob anterior to 2022. In 2023, he notched up a cool $1m successful unrecorded winnings acknowledgment to victories successful nan Borgata Mystery Bounty and nan North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Highroller, a runner-up decorativeness successful nan Wynn Fall Mystery Bounty and 3 PokerGO Tour last tables. William Kopp likewise collapsed retired past twelvemonth besides winning 7 figures connected nan unrecorded circuit, nan highlights being a WSOP bracelet successful nan $1,500 PLO Hi-Lo 8 aliases Better and a WSOP circuit ringing successful nan North Carolina Main Event. Santosh Suvarna took his crippled to nan Triton circuit successful a large measurement successful 2023, making an unthinkable 7 last tables including a triumph successful a 25K successful North Cyprus. He cashed for a whopping $6m total, besides winning a bracelet successful nan $50,000 Highroller astatine nan WSOPE. 

Arends won complete $5m successful 2023 including a triumph and a 2nd spot successful Triton events

My hunch, however, is that this prize will spell to Dutchman Jans Arends whose break retired connected nan unrecorded circuit was arsenic predictable arsenic nan reply to nan question: ‘How would you for illustration your steak cooked Mr Kessler?’ Graftekkel has struck fearfulness into nan hearts of his online opponents for complete a decade truthful it’s nary astonishment that he would crush unrecorded excessively if he truthful chose. Arends won complete $5m successful 2023 including a triumph and a 2nd spot successful Triton events and a triumph and a 3rd successful nan WSOP $100,000 Super Highroller and $50,000 Highroller respectively. 


  • Bill Perkins goes ALL-IN, but he’s precocious for a formation connected Poker astatine nan Lodge
  • Craziest Pre-Flop Action of ALL-TIME astatine Triton Poker Series London
  • Dwan vs Polk successful 1.13M Pot successful Million Dollar Game connected Hustler Casino Live
  • Dwan vs Wesley successful nan biggest cookware successful televised poker history connected Hustler Casino Live

The fan-voted categories are a spot of nosy and I deliberation this 1 will beryllium fixed to nan record-breaking ‘Dwan vs Wesley’ manus from nan Million Dollar Hustler livestream. I wrote astir this manus erstwhile it happened, juxtaposing it adjacent to nan past record-breaking ‘Dwan vs Greenstein’ cookware from nan 5th play of High Stakes Poker.  Next week successful Part 2, I will look astatine nan nominations for contented creators. 

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