Taylor Swift Effect: Kelce TD Most Bet Super Bowl Prop at DraftKings Except in Illinois

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Posted on: February 2, 2024, 05:08h. 

Last updated on: February 2, 2024, 05:11h.

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Taylor Swift mightiness beryllium having an effect connected Super Bowl betting trends. As of Friday afternoon, nan astir wagered connected Super Bowl proposition stake among DraftKings clients is Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce — Swift’s fellow — to people nan first touchdown.

Super Bowl likelihood Chiefs 49ersKansas City Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce and popular prima Taylor Swift. She mightiness beryllium stirring liking successful Super Bowl prop bets tied to nan prima tight end. (Image: Getty Images)

The caveat is that Illinois is nan exception. Still, it’s an awesome anecdote because DraftKings offers mobile sports wagering successful 24 states, including Illinois. It’s not instantly clear why bettors successful nan Land of Lincoln haven’t made nan Kelce to people nan first touchdown nan apical prop stake for nan large game, but there’s speculation it’s because bettors location are heavy including that wager arsenic a limb successful same-game parlays (SGPs).

At this writing, DraftKings is offering nan Kelce to people nan first touchdown prop stake astatine +700 (bet $100 to triumph $700). That’s longer than nan +600 offered by nan sportsbook earlier today.

This twelvemonth marks nan 4th Super Bowl quality successful 5 years by nan Chiefs pinch Kelce connected nan roster for each those games. In nan team’s 2020, 2021, and 2023 showings successful nan large game, successful which it won two, nan tight mixed for 22 receptions connected 27 targets for 257 yards and 2 touchdowns — 1 apiece successful nan 2020 and 2023 Super Bowls.

Kelce TD Prop Bet No Sure Thing

In nan world of sports betting, there’s nary specified point arsenic a “lock” and that’s surely existent of nan Kelce prop bet. Hence, sportsbook operators specified arsenic DraftKings are offering agelong likelihood to entice bettors to clasp what’s fundamentally a agelong shot.

The imaginable occurrence of nan stake isn’t astir Kelce aliases Swift. He’s wide regarded arsenic 1 of nan champion tight ends of all-time and is viewed arsenic being connected nan position’s “Mt. Rushmore” on pinch Tony Gonzalez, Rob Gronkowski, and Shannon Sharpe.

Rather, nan agelong likelihood connected nan Kelce prop wager whitethorn beryllium attributable to nan first 4th of Super Bowls being balanced to nan first rounds of heavyweight title weights pinch nan teams emotion each different retired alternatively than attempting to onshore haymakers.

As a result, nan first 4th successful a Super Bowl isn’t ever conducive to scoring touchdowns. In nan first 7 Super Bowls played this century, six featured nary first-quarter touchdowns. The aforesaid is existent of different six editions of nan large crippled this century.

Swift Has Enhanced Popularity of Kelce Props

Swift will be nan Super Bowl, jetting to Las Vegas from a performance successful Tokyo nan nighttime before, but she won’t beryllium performing.

Owing to state-level regulations successful nan US, there will beryllium nary prop bets circumstantial to nan euphony star, but DraftKings and different sportsbooks are offering prop wager inspired by Swift. In fact, DraftKings has a lengthy paper of specified bets pinch each 1 named aft 1 of her deed singles, but nan bets pertain to on-the-field action.

As nan Kelce/Swift romance flourished during nan regular play pinch her attending much Chiefs games, immoderate gaming companies noted that they knowledgeable elevated grip connected Kelce prop bets.

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