Table Games Dealer at Canada’s Biggest Casino Caught Helping Gamblers Cheat

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Man pinch an ace up his sleeve

Canadian constabulary person arrested 5 people, including a array games dealer, for allegedly cheating astatine nan country’s biggest casino. [Image:]

Cracking down connected cheaters

Police successful Canada person arrested and charged 5 individuals arsenic a consequence of a cheating strategy astatine an Ontario casino. One of these group was a array games trader who allegedly aided nan gamblers pinch their scam.

looked into nan matter aft receiving a tip-off connected March 18

The Ontario Provincial Police’s Investigation and Enforcement Bureau (IEB) looked into nan matter aft receiving a extremity connected March 18 astir forbidden activity taking spot astatine nan Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto.  

No hiding

The consequent investigation led to nan arrests of nan 5 people, each successful their 20s, who are now facing cheating, theft, and fraud-related charges. Details astir nan scam, specified arsenic nan method by which they cheated aliases nan full sum of money they got, are presently unknown.

Hearings will return spot successful nan Ontario Court of Justice pursuing their merchandise from custody. Talking astir nan incident, Great Canadian Entertainment said that it has rigorous measures successful spot to “detect and thwart immoderate lawsuit of collusion aliases fraudulent activity successful our casinos.”

History repeating itself

This is not nan first clip that this spot has had issues pinch cheating. The authorities uncovered a akin type of scam successful April 2023 erstwhile nan spot was named Casino Woodbine. This led to an physics craps trader and 4 gamblers getting deed pinch criminal charges.

The casino’s proprietor besides has complete 2 twelve different intermezo properties crossed Canada, including successful British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

Casino Woodbine had to salary a CA$80,000 (US$59,076) good to nan Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario owed to its nonaccomplishment to “detect aliases return due action connected disposable information” to extremity nan cheating.

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