South Korea Mohegan Inspire Casino Gains Prestigious Hotel Rating

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Posted on: January 25, 2024, 12:49h. 

Last updated on: January 27, 2024, 11:22h.

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Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort successful South Korea’s Incheon has been bestowed a awesome grant by nan Korea Tourism Association — nan exclusive five-star edifice rating.

Mohegan Inspire casino South KoreaMohegan Inspire has been designated a five-star edifice spot by nan Korea Tourism Association. The favoritism intends nan edifice offers exceptional work and amenities. (Image:

Mohegan opened nan first shape of Inspire successful November astatine a costs of $1.6 billion. The first edifice has 1,275 edifice impermanent rooms, suites, and villas, 10 restaurants, an immersive intermezo street, and a 15,000-person arena and events center. The edifice besides has an indoor excavation and waterpark called Splash Bay.

The Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority announced this week that nan Korea Tourism Association had designated Inspire a five-star hotel. The authorities agency uses a rigorous appraisal called nan Korean Hoteling Rating System to measure hotels nationwide.

A five-star edifice must person impeccable hygiene, bonzer creation and amenities, and exceptional work standards.

“I americium delighted that Inspire’s edifice installation has officially achieved a five-star rating, and I would for illustration to convey our squad for their difficult activity successful each areas, including facility, hospitality, and operations management,” said Chen Si, President of Mohegan Inspire.

Ray Pineault, CEO of Mohegan, was successful Incheon for nan five-star nickname ceremony. Pineault said nan classification “is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and our committedness to providing world-class experiences.”

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Mohegan Inspire is simply a planned $5 cardinal destination improvement that will beryllium completed done respective further building phases. The edifice is located astatine Incheon International Airport.

For Mohegan’s large stake to present a return, nan institution — owned by nan Tribe based successful Connecticut — says a casino is needed. Mohegan executives expect to soon person nan resort’s gaming licence and unfastened nan casino successful nan first 4th 2024.

The Inspire casino abstraction measures astir 200,000 quadrate and has 1,500 slot machines and 250 array games. The casino is reserved for foreigners, arsenic South Koreans aren’t allowed to bet successful casinos isolated from astatine Kangwon Land, a distant edifice owned and operated by nan Korean government.

Incheon is 1 of nan busiest airports successful nan world. The superior commercialized airdrome serving nan Seoul capital, Incheon, handled much than 71.2 cardinal passengers successful pre-pandemic 2019. That classed 14th successful nan world.

Korean Hotel Ratings

Since 1971, nan Korea Tourism Association has been standing hotels arsenic portion of nan government’s committedness to promoting nan federation arsenic an perfect tourer destination for overseas travelers.

In 2015, nan Korea Tourism Association revamped its edifice ratings from utilizing 5 hibiscus (mugunghwa) flowers to stars. The awesome alteration was to make nan standing classes much acquainted to foreigners.

“It whitethorn person been confusing for consumers to determine wherever to enactment successful Korea solely from checking nan ratings before, because location person been discrepancies successful arguing whether 5 mugunghwa flowers are balanced to nan wide known 5 stars,” said Steve Yong, nan executive head of nan agency astatine nan time.

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