Roulette Cheat Added to Nevada’s Casino Black Book After Scamming Croupiers Across US

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A Mississippi man has go nan 36th personification entered into Nevada’s casino achromatic book aft trying to propulsion disconnected a roulette cheating strategy astatine authorities casinos. [image:]

A Mississippi man has travelled nan magnitude and breadth of nan US allegedly trying to defraud casinos playing roulette. As a result, nan Nevada Gaming Commission members voted unanimously connected Thursday to adhd him to nan state’s gambling achromatic book.

Shaun Joseph Benward did not look astatine nan proceeding to supply immoderate defense. Senior Deputy Attorney General Michael Semps presented nan lawsuit against nan 36-year-old during a 40-minute meeting. Benward will look apprehension and an elevated misdemeanour complaint if he enters 1 of Nevada’s casinos aft becoming nan 36th personnel of nan removal list.

attempt to person them that they had placed his chips connected nan incorrect number

The self-proclaimed magician would befriend roulette croupiers and effort to person them that they had placed his chips connected nan incorrect number aft nan shot had travel to a finish. An accomplice would usually backmost up nan story, pinch Benware allegedly making tens of thousands of dollars done nan scheme.

He has gaming-related criminal convictions successful various states, including Ohio, Missouri, Delaware, and Mississippi. Benward besides is already connected removal lists successful Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Michigan.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) started investigating Benward’s activities successful July and August 2020 astatine definite Las Vegas properties. He met each 4 of nan criteria to participate nan state’s achromatic book, including violating a tribunal bid to not participate casinos and having an unsavory aliases notorious reputation.

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