Queens Senator Questions Citi Field Casino’s Lobbying Tactics

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Citi Field

Queens Senator Jessica Ramos has questioned nan strategies of nan groups that are pushing for a casino adjacent to Citi Field. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Queens Senator Jennifer Ramos will play a captious domiciled successful deciding if New York Mets proprietor Steve Cohen’s projected casino beside Citi Field will beryllium capable to proceed aliases not. In a matter connection to the New York Post connected Thursday, she questioned immoderate of nan ways successful which nan task has tried to drum up support and curry section favor.

The 3rd and last organization municipality hallway gathering regarding nan task took spot past nighttime and soon earlier it began, Queens Councilman Francisco Moya gave a ringing endorsement to the $8bn casino analyzable plan. He branded it arsenic a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to boost nan area’s economical fortunes.

not nan unfastened and transparent moves that I would expect”

Senator Ramos questioned nan timing of this connection from nan councilman, pointing retired that nan groups down nan connection paid canvassers to be nan first municipality hallway meeting. Talking astir these tactics, Ramos said that they are “not nan unfastened and transparent moves that I would expect from personification claiming to worth real, honorable organization engagement.”

Only 3 lucrative downstate New York casino licenses are up for grabs and nan title is fierce. Each task needs to get nan applicable zoning permissions to let for nan building of a casino. Senator Ramos has to support nan redesignation of an area of parkland for commercialized usage for nan Citi Field connection to proceed. The final determination connected which connection gets nan greenish ray will not hap until precocious adjacent year.

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