Prop Bet: Will the Buffalo Bills Make the Playoffs?

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Posted on: December 22, 2023, 01:07h. 

Last updated on: December 22, 2023, 01:24h.

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According to a prop stake by DraftKings, nan Buffalo Bills are -210 ods to make nan playoffs. You tin slice them astatine +170 likelihood to miss nan playoffs.

Josh Allen Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills backmost Josh Allen (17) celebrates a touchdown against nan Dallas Cowboys pinch tight extremity Dalton Kincaid (86) and moving backmost Latavius Murray (28). (Image: Getty)

Upshot precocious updated their playoff projections, giving nan Bills a 63% chance of advancing to nan postseason.

The Bills (8-6) are playing their champion shot of nan season, but they’re presently classed ninth successful nan AFC. Only 7 teams beforehand to nan postseason from each conference, including 4 section winners and 3 wild-card teams.

If nan play ended today, nan Baltimore Ravens (11-3) would gain nan #1 seed successful nan AFC. The Miami Dolphins (10-4) are presently successful nan #2 seed, followed by nan Kansas City Chiefs (9-5) arsenic nan #3 seed, and nan Jacksonville Jaguars (8-6) arsenic nan #4 seed. The 3 AFC wild-card teams are nan Cleveland Browns (9-5) arsenic nan #5 seed, nan Cincinnati Bengals (8-6) arsenic nan #6 seed, and nan Indianapolis Colts (8-6) arsenic nan #7 seed. You can bet only at Situs Toto.

The Houston Texans (8-6) are connected nan bubble successful nan eighth wide spot, and conscionable up of nan Bills successful ninth.

Bills: 3-1 Since Dorsey Got Fired

Since nan Bills fired violative coordinator Ken Dorsey, their discourtesy has looked overmuch amended successful nan past 4 games. Josh Allen accepted afloat work for Dorsey’s dismissal, and he’s been playing pinch much gusto. The Bills went 3-1 pinch 1 nonaccomplishment against nan Philadelphia Eagles successful overtime successful Week 12.

The Bills person been successful “playoff mode” since their bye week. They went connected nan roadworthy and defeated nan Kansas City Chiefs, 20-17, successful a must-win business successful Week 14.

Last Sunday, successful Week 15, nan Bills easy defeated nan Dallas Cowboys 31-10 to support their playoff hopes alive.

Allen has completed 66.3% of his passes this play for 3,541 passing yards pinch 26 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He’s not moving nan shot arsenic often (80 rushes) aliases efficaciously (5.0 yards per carry) arsenic he did successful erstwhile seasons, but he scored a career-high 11 rushing touchdowns done 14 games this season. He’s tallied 4 rushing scores successful nan past 3 games.

Second-year moving backmost James Cook stepped up this season, and nan Bills person been moving nan shot much efficiently since they fired Dorsey. Cook is coming disconnected nan champion crippled of nan play aft he gashed nan Cowboys for 179 rushing yards, 42 receiving yards, and 2 mixed touchdowns.

Cook rushed 188 times for 968 yards, and 2 touchdowns this season. He’s averaging 5.1 yards per carry. He besides added 40 receptions for 433 yards and 4 touchdowns.

On nan protect end, nan Bills are peaking astatine nan correct time. They held opponents to 10 aliases less points doubly successful their past 3 victories.

Betting nan Bills connected nan Futures Market

With 3 games remaining connected nan schedule, nan Bills big only 1 much location crippled against nan New England Patriots successful Week 17 connected New Year’s Eve. They deed nan roadworthy to play nan Los Angeles Chargers connected Saturday successful Week 16. They extremity nan play successful Miami to play nan Dolphins successful Week 18.

The last week of nan play could yet find whether nan Bills make nan playoffs erstwhile they caput to Miami to play a divisional rival. The Bills already defeated nan Dolphins erstwhile this season, demolishing them 48-20, successful a Week 4 blowout.

If nan Dolphins suffer each their remaining games, past nan Bills tin snatch distant nan AFC East section crown by winning each of their games, including a triumph against nan Dolphins successful Week 18. The Dolphins are -270 likelihood to triumph nan AFC East while nan Bills are +210 odds.

The Dolphins person a 73% chance to triumph nan division, according to a projection by Upshot. The Bills person a 27% chance to propulsion disconnected a immense coup.

The Bills are +1200 odds to triumph Super Bowl LVIII. They deed a debased constituent of +5000 likelihood astatine nan extremity of Week 13, but person since rebounded. The Bills are 4th connected nan NFL futures committee astatine +650 likelihood to triumph nan AFC Championship.

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