Poker Champion Anthony Zinno Accused of Theft by Corel Theuma 

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Anthony Zinno

Former WPT Player of nan Year Anthony Zinno has been accused of stealing a backpack containing rate astatine Wynn Las Vegas. [Image: / World Poker Tour]

The rumor

For a mates of weeks, location person been murmurs of different poker scandal. You ever person to return these kinds of rumors pinch a pinch of salt, but time aft day, much specifications emerged which, if true, are peculiarly damning. 

After bagging up successful a tourney during nan WPT World Championship successful nan Wynn, poker subordinate Corel Theuma near his container containing a bundle of rate astatine nan table. According to Theuma, erstwhile nan container was retrieved, it was light, and nan personification implicated was WPT and WSOP champion Anthony Zinno.

Zinno is simply a very successful poker master pinch a pristine reputation

When astir group heard nan rumor, they understandably figured aliases astatine slightest hoped it was false. It was an highly concerning matter, arsenic Zinno is simply a very successful poker master pinch a pristine reputation. Surely he wouldn’t jeopardize his opinionated for a fewer bucks? Also, pinch cameras everywhere, surely he would recognize that his each move would beryllium recorded.   

The allegation

On Friday January 26th, nan Only Friends podcast teased nan communicative without going into excessively overmuch detail. 

During nan episode, they showed a station from Willie Wiggins who said: 

“My friend Corel near his backpack successful nan room while bagging for nan 3k tournament. He was searching for nan container each nighttime because he had 20k successful it and nan adjacent time nan cops called him successful – nan encore saying that they person footage of Zinno taking nan container and moving pinch it to nan bathroom. He’s now officially banned from Encore and Wynn premises. Yet cipher astatine poker news aliases blogs are talking astir it. Don’t want this thief to bargain from anyone other successful nan future. He’s presently being investigated from pet(ty) larceny.”

On Monday, January 29th, Todd Witteles posted a type of nan communicative to his “Poker Fraud Alert” website. This station was initially amplified by Ryan Laplante connected Twitter, who later removed his tweet, explaining that Zinno had reached retired to him denying nan allegation. This prompted Corel Theuma to speak retired himself. He said that “as nan unfortunate I’m confirming it” and that he was “working connected getting [his] hands connected nan constabulary report” and was happy to stock it erstwhile it was successful his possession. 

Theuma gives a nationalist statement 

Scandals seldom break cleanly successful poker. There is usually a play of clip erstwhile rumors of wrongdoing swirl astir successful chat groups. Following this, location is often a forum station that shares nan rumor pinch nan community. Naturally enough, poker media outlets are reluctant to people a communicative until it is much than conscionable hearsay and pinch this peculiar story, location was further hesitancy connected nan portion of poker writers because nan alleged wrongdoer is simply a peculiarly well-regarded and dressed up personnel of nan poker community. 

It is clear that location has been an implicit but corporate determination to tread carefully. However, astatine nan constituent erstwhile either nan accuser aliases nan accused speaks out, a communicative instantly becomes newsworthy and later connected Monday that is precisely what Theuma did, giving his broadside complete a bid of tweets:

“After bagging disconnected nan 3k I near my backpack nether my chair – which yes, was a mistake. Like astir of you person made. As I sewage to my cab extracurricular Encore, I recognize and sprinted backmost down nan agelong hallway (cameras tin show this) to retrieve my bag. The trader was still astatine our array fixing nan cards. I did not find nan container there. I asked security. I asked mislaid and found. Nothing. 

“The adjacent time I called mislaid and recovered office. and they told maine that personification had returned nan bag. But that it only had $1,000 successful it! When I cognize for a truth (and will do my champion to prove) that I had 20k successful it. Those adjacent to maine cognize my financial circumstances and truthful location is simply nary request for maine to dishonesty astir nan amount. I went to prime up nan container backmost and revenge a constabulary report. 

Once I arrived I saw Ant Zinno locked up being questioned.”

“That nighttime I was called successful by nan precocious up information officers astatine nan encore – they said metro was location and wanted to speak to maine arsenic they had nan fishy successful custody. Once I arrived I saw Ant Zinno locked up being questioned. I person not reviewed nan footage myself. I tin only spell pinch what nan information officers shared pinch maine that nighttime (and nan logic they told maine he was banned from wynn properties for good) that location was footage of Anthony taking nan container and going to nan bath pinch it. 

“This will beryllium my past nationalist connection connected nan matter. I americium moving pinch rule enforcement and my lawyers to way down nan constabulary report. Once I get my hands connected it, I’ll stock my findings – nether nan guidance of my ineligible team.”

Red flag

All scandals wounded nan game, some wrong it and pinch really it is perceived from nan outside. This rumor, which has now go an allegation, is peculiarly troubling arsenic it involves a large name, a poker champion who has historically made headlines for each nan correct reasons. 

Even if location turns retired to beryllium nary impervious that Zinno stole money from nan backpack, it remains a interest if he did prime it up and bring it to nan only spot wherever location weren’t cameras. Finding nan backpack and not instantly handing it to nan trader who has nan names of each nan players astatine nan array is an contiguous reddish flag. 

I judge that nan study and video will speak for themselves”

Yesterday, VegasSlotsOnline News reached retired to some Corel Theuma and Anthony Zinno to talk nan allegations. Theuma responded by saying that he had conscionable completed a one-hour question and reply pinch PokerNews connected nan matter and is assured that nan truth will travel to light. 

“I tin show you that I conscionable received nan constabulary report. I’ve been advised to not stock it arsenic it would interfere pinch nan ongoing investigation. However, I tin opportunity that upon review, I judge that nan study and video will speak for themselves.”

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