Oklahoma Casino Lot Shooting Was Justified to Save Police Officer

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Posted on: January 30, 2024, 12:11h. 

Last updated on: January 31, 2024, 12:11h.

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The man who came to nan rescue of an Oklahoma Tribal constabulary serviceman arsenic he was being dragged done a casino parking batch was justified successful sidesplitting nan driver successful November.

Osage Hotel and CasinoOsage Hotel and Casino, pictured above. A November fatal shooting astatine nan Oklahoma casino was justified, according to prosecutors. (Image: Osage Casino)

Osage County District Attorney Mike Fisher precocious said Brandon Hines of Bartlesville, Okla. didn’t break nan rule erstwhile he changeable nan fishy astatine Bartlesville’s Osage Hotel and Casino connected November 21.

Right to Shoot

“We person ne'er formally received an affidavit for anyone’s arrest. But aft reviewing nan reports, I made nan determination that nan shooting itself was justified, astatine slightest criminally,” Fisher told nan Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise news outlet. “I wouldn’t beryllium capable to prosecute that case.”

Fisher explained that nether Oklahoma law, “You person a correct and absolute correct to travel to nan defense of different and to usage deadly unit if you judge deadly unit is nan only action disposable successful trying to forestall personification from perchance losing their life.”

The driver of nan pickup truck that was dragging nan serviceman was identified arsenic Beau Caskey, 35. He attempted to velocity distant arsenic nan constabulary serviceman held connected to Caskey’s pickup truck.

Hines reportedly fired a azygous changeable into Caskey’s cervix to prevention nan officer’s life. That took spot arsenic nan serviceman was hanging connected to an unfastened doorway of nan moving truck, according to nan Examiner-Enterprise. Caskey later died from his wounds.

Hines past fell down and nan motortruck came adjacent to moving him over, according to police. The serviceman was capable to scope nan truck’s brake pedal pinch his hands and brought nan conveyance to a stop.

The serviceman had been attempting to region Caskey from nan pickup motortruck erstwhile Caskey put his ft connected nan state pedal. The serviceman wasn’t earnestly injured successful nan incident.

Truck Burglary

Caskey was suspected of burglarizing a conveyance astatine Hines’ residence, wherever various items, including a credit card, were stolen.

Hines and his son, Harold Hines, had been alerted that their in installments paper was being utilized to acquisition state astatine a station, and was later utilized astatine nan casino.

When he saw nan motortruck astatine nan casino batch and a constabulary serviceman nearby, Harold Hines approached nan conveyance and told Caskey, “That’s my chainsaw successful nan backmost spot of your truck.”

The business escalated from there.

The Osage Casino & Hotel successful Bartlesville is located adjacent Highway 60. It’s 1 of 7 properties owned and operated by nan Osage Tribal Council. The casino opened successful November, according to 500 Nations, a Tribal news site. The analyzable replaced a anterior Osage gaming venue.

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