Ohio Sports Betting Exceeds Estimates With Over $7.6bn Wagered in First Year

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Man placing sports stake connected his phone

Ohioans wagered $7.6bn successful 2023, nan state’s first twelvemonth of legalized sports betting. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Sports betting successful Ohio had a awesome first year, bringing successful complete $7.6bn successful grip successful 2023.

According to figures from nan Ohio Casino Control Commission, January recorded nan astir money wagered pinch complete $1.13bn and July saw nan least, conscionable $331m.

David Forman, vice president of Research pinch nan American Gaming Association, said it was nan “fastest launch” they’ve seen extracurricular of New York.

97% of bets were made done mobile aliases online devices

Notably, while some unit and online sportsbooks opened successful Ohio connected January 1, 2023, online betting has dominated. 97% of bets were made done mobile aliases online devices pinch FanDuel taking nan largest marketplace stock astatine 43%.

When authorities was initially discussed, Ohio’s sports gambling gross – nan magnitude nan authorities would person successful taxes – was estimated astatine astir $19m successful 2023 and $24m successful 2024. The gross nan authorities has already made has obliterated those expectations. In 2023, Ohio made conscionable nether $190m, while sportsbooks took location astir $750m successful revenue.

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