Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Supportive of Ending College Player Prop Bets

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Posted on: February 5, 2024, 02:17h. 

Last updated on: February 5, 2024, 08:37h.

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) agrees pinch NCAA President Charlie Baker that collegiate subordinate props shouldn’t beryllium allowed astatine regulated sportsbooks.

Ohio sports betting assemblage subordinate propsOhio Gov. Mike DeWine visits Xavier University successful Cincinnati connected March 18, 2021. DeWine agrees pinch nan NCAA that nan authorities Casino Control Commission should amend its regulations to prohibit subordinate props connected nan collegiate level. (Image: WVXU)

In precocious January, nan NCAA submitted a petition to nan Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) asking nan authorities gaming regulator to amend its sports betting rules to prohibit subordinate props involving assemblage athletes. The nonprofit statement regulating athletics astatine complete 1,000 colleges and universities believes assemblage subordinate props frighten student-athletes safety.

On Friday, DeWine issued a connection successful agreement.

One twelvemonth into sports gambling successful Ohio, we person seen a marketplace create wherever a number of bad actors person engaged successful unacceptable behaviour by making threats against student-athletes successful Ohio and crossed nan country,” DeWine wrote. “By amending rules to attraction bets connected nan squad and distant from individual athletes, I judge we tin amended nan marketplace successful Ohio and amended protect student-athletes from unnecessary and perchance harmful threats.”

Baker, successful a January 31 missive to nan OCCC, which regulates casino sportsbooks and their third-party online sportsbook platforms, said “sports betting without due controls poses existent risks to nan well-being of student-athletes and nan integrity of collegiate competition.” Those risks, Baker explained, are heightened by individual subordinate props.

Regulator Fielding Comments

The OCCC acknowledged receipt of some Baker and DeWine’s letters successful support of amending nan state’s permissible Event and Wager Catalogue. The regulator said it would judge comments from its licensed sportsbooks connected nan taxable until February 12.

Legal sports betting successful nan Buckeye State began connected Jan. 1, 2023. Oddsmakers took much than $7.65 cardinal successful bets during nan twelvemonth and kept $937 cardinal connected a clasp complaint of astir 12%. The state’s sports gaming gross study doesn’t specify really overmuch of nan grip and gross income retained by nan books was generated by assemblage subordinate props.

DeWine and Baker’s support deals only pinch assemblage sports, not professional sports. Both men said assemblage officials had told them astir assemblage athletes being “harassed” by bettors via societal media.

During his January “State of College Sports” address, Baker highlighted nan importance of student-athlete safety successful nan aftermath of expanded sports gambling. Baker announced nan NCAA’s contracting of nan Signify Group and nan company’s Threat Matrix instrumentality to study, detect, and respond to online maltreatment and threats against players, coaches, and officials.

The NCAA’s clasp of ineligible sports gambling is connected nan information that specified wagering doesn’t jeopardize nan integrity of nan sports it sanctions. Baker and NCAA brass judge subordinate props time off nan doorway unfastened to bad actors looking to hole an result aliases threaten, harass, aliases battle a subordinate who doesn’t execute arsenic they wish.

College Player Prop Legality

Nearly 40 states person ineligible sports betting, pinch astir each allowing bets connected assemblage sports. Despite nan NCAA’s stern opposition, galore states proceed to let assemblage subordinate props.

Along pinch Ohio, permissible assemblage subordinate prop states see Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, and Wyoming. Washington, DC, sportsbooks tin besides facilitate assemblage subordinate props.

College subordinate props are besides allowed successful Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, truthful agelong arsenic nan players included successful nan prop don’t play for colleges successful those states.

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