Oakland A’s Looking for a New Home Again, but Not in Las Vegas

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Posted on: January 20, 2024, 11:28h. 

Last updated on: January 20, 2024, 04:22h.

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The Oakland A’s are looking for a caller location again — but not because they’re ditching their scheme to relocate to Las Vegas.

A’s execs this week toured nan tract of a caller shot stadium nether building successful South Jordan, Utah for nan Salt Lake Bees, nan Los Angeles Angels’ AAA affiliate. If that stadium opens connected schedule successful 2025, it could big nan A’s for each 81 location games of their 2025-27 seasons.

This rendering shows nan stadium presently being built for nan Salt Lake Bees minor-league shot squad successful South Jordan, Utah. Part of a mixed-use improvement called Downtown Daybreak, it’s of respective options being considered by nan Oakland A’s, who request a caller location until their Las Vegas stadium is fresh for them successful 2028. (Image: Larry H. Miller Company)

The’s Athletics’ new $1.5B ballpark connected nan existent tract of nan Tropicana Hotel won’t beryllium fresh until astatine slightest 2028, and nan team’s lease pinch nan Oakland Coliseum expires this year.

“We hosted squad officials connected Thursday, and demonstrated we tin accommodate their ballpark needs,” publication a connection connected Friday from Steve Starks, CEO of nan Larry H. Miller Company, which owns nan Bees and is building nan caller stadium. “Our statement and nan authorities are excited and capable to invited nan Athletics until their caller stadium successful Las Vegas is completed.”

A’s officials toured nan building of nan caller Salt Lake Bees stadium this week, wherever developers committedness to grow nan size of nan stadium from 7,000 seats to 11,000 if nan A’s propulsion nan trigger. (Image: Salt Lake Tribune)

It was primitively thought that nan A’s would hold retired their caller stadium’s building by sharing nan Las Vegas Ballpark successful Summerlin pinch their ain Triple-A team, nan Las Vegas Aviators.

That action is still connected reportedly connected nan table, arsenic are others. They see a move to nan San Francisco Giants’ Oracle Park, nan Reno Aces’ Greater Nevada Field, aliases nan Sacramento River Cats’ Sutter Health Park — nan past of which A’s officials besides reportedly toured connected Thursday.

However, each of these options would require nan A’s to stock a stadium pinch different ballclub, a look for scheduling headaches.

No Double Playing

If nan squad were to temporarily move to Utah, Starks said, nan Bees would enactment successful their existent location (the 14.5K-seat Smith’s Ballpark) while nan A’s person nan tally of nan caller stadium.

“Our unique, two-stadium solution would guarantee that shot stays successful nan Salt Lake marketplace arsenic nan Salt Lake Bees return to Smith’s Ballpark for further seasons,” Starks’ connection read.

Though plans primitively called for nan caller Bees stadium to spot only 7.5K, nan Larry H. Miller Company said that it would adhd impermanent structures that raise nan capacity to 11K — and would platform nan stadium retired successful A’s colors to boot.

“This caller ballpark will support nan A’s needs and has been nan attraction of their interest,” Starks said.

The A’s could besides determine to widen their lease astatine nan Oakland Coliseum. However, astatine this point, that action mightiness consciousness for illustration a joined mates continuing to unrecorded together aft an acrimonious divorce.

Whatever nan A’s decide, they request to do it earlier July, which is erstwhile MLB draws up its schedule for nan 2025 season.

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