Nongaming Amenities Critical to Attracting Millennials, Hard Rock Leads

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Lottery news- Nongaming amenities, caller investigation finds, are captious to luring millennials and Gen Z edifice guests.

non-gaming casino edifice industryThe Guitar Hotel astatine Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood is simply a preferred destination among millennials and Gen Z. The Hard Rock brand, those generations say, offers an assortment of nongaming amenities. (Image: Orbitz)

LaneTerralever, a Phoenix-based trading agency, surveyed much than 1,500 group successful nan US aged 21 to 75 to gauge really they spell astir deciding which casino to patronize and which casino edifice they’ll enactment overnight at.

The study recovered that nongaming amenities are crucial to younger people, pinch astir 84% of millennials, defined arsenic those presently aged 25 to 40, and 81% of nan Gen Z segment, defined arsenic those aged 21 to 24, placing a sizeable accent connected things to do speech from gaming. Nongaming activities see an assortment of amenities, including pools, spas, fittingness centers, restaurants and bars, unrecorded entertainment, shopping, and outdoor activities.

“As millennials and Gen Z go a larger portion of our population, accepted land-based casinos person taken connected a caller domiciled successful experiences and societal gatherings. Gaming is conscionable 1 of galore activities this procreation seeks erstwhile they sojourn a section aliases destination casino,” nan study reported.

The gaming manufacture is good alert that nongaming tin thrust casino revenues by luring caller players to their slot machines, array games, and sportsbooks. Casinos are proficient successful converting a business traveler aliases visitant successful municipality for a sporting arena to play a slot aliases spot a wager.

The LaneTerralever study finds that further investments successful nongaming draws should proceed to salary disconnected for casinos successful nan agelong run.

Survey Says

Millennials and Gen Z aren’t unsocial successful seeking nongaming attractions to complement their casino trips. About 76% of Gen X and 65% of Boomers besides see what’s disposable speech from nan casino abstraction successful deciding wherever to visit.

When asked which casino marque is doing nongaming nan best, nan Hard Rock marque received nan apical marks. More than 21% of those polled said nan casino and hospitality marque owned by nan Seminole Tribe successful Florida provides nan champion nongaming edifice amenities.

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MGM was 2nd a 20% and Caesars Entertainment was 3rd astatine astir 14%. Golden Nugget and Wynn Resorts — some astatine 6.2% — rounded retired nan apical five.

The study concluded that restaurants and bars are nan astir important nongaming features for some section and destination casinos.

This highlights nan value of nutrient and beverage assortment and value astatine casinos today, and casino owners and operators must springiness that facet of nan acquisition their afloat attraction astatine each times,” nan study summarized. “Especially successful today’s world, wherever affirmative (or negative) reviews tin importantly effect customer behavior, delivering awesome eating experiences tin beryllium a awesome measurement to thrust non-traditional players done a casino’s doors.”

After eating and drinking offerings, nan survey’s respondents said unrecorded intermezo classed adjacent successful nongaming importance.

Loyalty Components

The LaneTerralever probe recovered that millennials and Gen Z said nongaming offerings are important to fostering their loyalty. Nearly 70% of millennials and 66% of Gen Z said nongaming features “have astatine slightest immoderate effect connected their loyalty.”

The study people besides expressed immoderate hostility to further technological advances specified arsenic robots that person replaced bartenders.

Although exertion investments are often intended to simplify experiences and create much self-service opportunities, casino-goers person expressed that they worth nan high-touch, personalized quality of casino customer acquisition they person go accustomed to and are wary of exertion taking immoderate of that away,” nan study found.

Last year’s cyberattacks that greatly disrupted day-to-day operations astatine MGM’s Strip casinos and crossed nan state highlighted nan downside of integer room keys, self-service check-in kiosks, and today’s high-tech casino floor.

“As successful galore different hospitality businesses, immoderate operators person trim unit while others person had difficulties uncovering and retaining staff. Look to imaginative ways of hiring and guarantee that nan labor are service-oriented, well-trained, and equipped to resoluteness problems,” nan study concluded.

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