NFL Player Serving Suspension for Betting on His Own Team Reveals All in Interview

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Isaiah Rodgers Sr., nan erstwhile Indianapolis Colts cornerback who is presently serving a one-year prohibition for betting connected his ain team, has revealed each successful an ESPN interview. [Image:]

Isaiah Rodgers Sr. is presently serving a one-year prohibition from nan NFL for betting connected his ain team. The Indianapolis Colts released nan cornerback successful June 2023 aft nan allegations came to light.

In his first question and reply since his suspension, Rodgers told ESPN that he placed nan wagers for group he knew and not for himself. The unnamed group were surviving successful Florida wherever nary ineligible sportsbooks were operational astatine nan time. Rodgers accepted work for his actions arsenic he knew nan league’s rules and is consenting to woody pinch nan consequences.

NFL investigators discovered that Rodgers placed bets connected his ain squad while astatine nan Colts’ facility. The league’s rules astatine nan clip stipulated that nan reward for betting connected one’s ain squad was a one-year ban, which has since accrued to 2 years. Rodgers placed complete 100 wagers successful total, including a successful $1,000 stake connected erstwhile teammate Jonathan Taylor to unreserved for much than 100 yards successful a azygous game. He said that astir of nan wagers were “crazy-leg parlays pinch conscionable $25 trying to make a crazy amount.”

did not deliberation he would get caught

Rodgers did not deliberation he would get caught and first heard astir nan investigation much than 3 months earlier it went public. The Philadelphia Eagles signed nan 26-year-old successful August and put him connected nan suspended/reserve list. He will beryllium eligible for reinstatement pursuing nan Super Bowl.

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