New England Patriots Wide Receiver Arrested for Placing Over 8,900+ Bets While Underage

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New England Patriots wide receiver Kayshon Boutte was arrested connected Thursday aft allegedly placing thousands of forbidden bets erstwhile he was underage. [Image:]

A ample number of wagers

New England Patriots wide receiver Kayshon Boutte is successful basking h2o for allegedly placing complete 8,900 wagers erstwhile he was underage and a personnel of nan Louisiana State University (LSU) shot team.

he utilized a clone sanction to create an online sportsbook account

Louisiana State Police declare that he utilized a clone sanction to create an online sportsbook relationship and that 17 wagers were connected assemblage shot games, including six connected his ain team. NCAA athletes are banned from placing wagers and nan penalties are particularly harsh if they stake connected their ain teams.

Boutte moreover placed a stake connected himself to person complete 82.5 receiving yards and different that he would people a touchdown against Florida State connected September 4, 2022. He did not scope either of these targets. Boutte allegedly mislaid $65,000 successful 2022 and $16,000 successful 2023 done his betting.

Facing nan consequences

Boutte surrendered connected Thursday to nan authorities and faces a misdemeanor underage gambling complaint and a machine fraud felony charge. The second tin consequence successful up to 5 years of situation clip and a maximum good of $10,000, while nan underage gambling complaint carries up to six months successful situation and a $1,000 fine.

could beryllium facing further charges

The Louisiana autochthonal posted a enslaved to unafraid his release; footage circulating connected societal media shows him leaving nan East Baton Rouge Parish Prison:

LSU confirmed successful a connection that it is alert of nan transgressions and it has afloat cooperated pinch investigations. The schoolhouse noted that it has nary grounds that immoderate different athletes committed akin offenses.

Gambling discovered

FanDuel Sportsbook reportedly sewage successful touch pinch nan Louisiana State Police Gaming Enforcement Division successful July aft discovering that a assemblage jock perchance placed galore sports bets connected its platform. FanDuel utilized geolocation exertion to nexus immoderate of nan transactions related to nan clone relationship to nan LSU Football Operations Center.

Kayshon Boutte declared for nan 2023 NFL Draft and nan New England Patriots chose him pinch nan 187th wide pick. He played successful 5 games during nan regular season, making 2 receptions for a full of 19 yards.

The consequent investigation uncovered nan ample amount of bets placed done nan relationship betwixt April 2022 and May 2023. As Boutte was already connected nan Patriots pursuing nan draught successful April, he could besides look disciplinary action from nan NFL.

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