Netherlands Adopts New Measures Curtailing Loss-Based Bonuses

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The KSA has outlawed immoderate shape of loss-based bonuses successful nan Netherlands. [Image:]

An investigation by nan Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has led to nan preamble of caller measures connected loss-based bonuses successful nan Netherlands. The assemblage took to X past week to denote nan contiguous enforcement of nan caller measures:

De Kansspelautoriteit deed marktbreed onderzoek naar cashback-bonussen. De uitkomst van dit onderzoek is reden om deze definitie te verduidelijken en voortaan te spreken complete ‘een prize op ground van verlies’. Het wordt per nonstop gehandhaafd. Lees verder:

— Kansspelautoriteit (@Ksa_Nederland) February 1, 2024

The KSA’s investigation led to a caller meaning of “a prize based connected loss.” This caller terminology has fixed officials nan powerfulness to deem each specified bonuses successful conflict pinch nan Netherlands Gambling Act.

The KSA hasn’t wasted clip successful cracking down connected offenders. According to a news merchandise by nan regulator, it has sent 1 licence holder “a general informing for offering a cashback bonus.” It sent different 2 gambling licence holders letters explaining its caller stance connected bonuses successful consequence to nan pair’s prize scheme.

KSA Chairman René Jansen stated nan loss-based bonuses encouraged “excessive participation,” adding: “Players stake higher, return much risks and play much often.” Jansen said nan KSA pinch will strictly supervise loss-based bonuses to amended protect players pinch contiguous effect. He warned:

Any prize that is successful immoderate measurement linked to a nonaccomplishment is prohibited.”

In December, nan Dutch authorities and nan KSA announced a raft of caller measures to tackle problem gamblers, including capping online betting astatine €700 ($766) a period per individual.

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