NCAA Hits Former Alabama Baseball Coach With Five-Year Ban for Gambling Violation

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Baseball connected nan pitcher's mound

Lottery news - Former University of Alabama shot caput coach Brad Bohannon must service a five-year NCAA prohibition for leaking cardinal wounded accusation to a bettor. [Image:]

The NCAA has deed erstwhile University of Alabama shot caput coach Brad Bohannon pinch a five-year suspension for providing wrong accusation astir nan wounded position of nan team’s starting pitcher earlier a crippled to personification who past tried to usage nan knowledge to spot a six-figure bet. He is besides taxable to a 15-year show-cause order.

The schoolhouse received a three-year probation successful the case, arsenic good arsenic a $5,000 fine, and must supply other gambling acquisition classes for its unit and athletes.

Bohannon specifically violated nan NCAA’s rules regarding “honesty and sportsmanship” erstwhile he leaked nan accusation to Bert Eugene Neff earlier nan team’s crippled against LSU successful April 2023.

Neff pled blameworthy to obstructing justness arsenic he lied to FBI agents, destroyed evidence, and tampered pinch witnesses. This discourtesy carries situation clip of up to a decade and a good arsenic precocious arsenic $250,000.

Neff tried to put $100,000 connected LSU to win

The NCAA has matter messages betwixt nan brace which show Bohannon encouraging Neff to spot a ample wager against Alabama. Neff tried to put $100,000 connected LSU to triumph and told 4 different gamblers astir nan information. The BetMGM unit sportsbook astatine nan Great American Ballpark successful Cincinnati constricted him to $15,000. He moreover told sportsbook unit that he knew LSU was going to win and showed them messages from Alabama’s coach.

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