Mohegan Inspire to Open With Just 374 Slots and 150 Table Games

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Posted on: February 1, 2024, 11:46h. 

Last updated on: February 1, 2024, 12:16h.

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Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort astatine Incheon International Airport successful South Korea will unfastened its casino level this Saturday, February 3. But slots players mightiness beryllium a spot underwhelmed astatine nan first allotment of machines.

Mohegan Inspire Casino South Korea IncheonThe Inspire Casino successful South Korea is fresh to open. The foreigners-only gaming level will unfastened to guests connected Feb. 3, 2024. (Image: Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort)

Inspire opened its edifice connected November 30. The $1.6 cardinal edifice — nan first shape of a multi-development task that will return nan Mohegan tribe’s full finance to $5 cardinal successful nan coming years — commenced operations pinch three hotels featuring 1,275 impermanent rooms and 10 restaurants.

The edifice has an “immersive intermezo street,” wherever guests locomotion done a passageway pinch LED lights and displays adjourning nan 500-foot-long walkway. Inspire additionally features a multipurpose arena pinch a capacity for 15K people, normal facilities, and a expansive ballroom.

Mohegan, nan commercial gaming unit of nan Mohegan Tribe successful Connecticut, is chiefly successful nan gaming business. It is making its largest financial stake extracurricular nan U.S. by measurement of South Korea, based connected nan belief that nan foreigner-only casino will pull precocious rollers from passim Asia.

Immerse yourself successful nan epitome of intermezo astatine Inspire, nan largest foreigner-only casino successful Korea,” nan resort’s website reads. “Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, we connection an unparalleled gaming experience. Surrounded by captivating images and move integer displays, Inspire Casino has meticulously crafted an situation that transcends accepted gaming. Step into a world wherever intermezo takes halfway stage, delivering a broad and immersive acquisition for illustration nary other.”

However, nan casino astatine Inspire hasn’t yet opened, arsenic Mohegan needed final regulatory signoffs from South Korea’s National Gambling Control Commission. The gaming regulator had been performing its last testing of nan Inspire Casino gaming machines and array games earlier giving its last blessing.

Opening Date Announced

Mohegan initially planned to denote nan opening of nan Inspire Casino connected Monday. The institution delayed nan announcement to Wednesday. But past Wednesday came and went.

Mohegan Inspire President Chen Si yet revealed nan casino opening connected Thursday. Chen said nan Inspire Casino will invited its first players this Saturday, February 3, astatine precisely 8:08 a.m. section time. The number 8 is considered fortunate successful galore Asian cultures, including successful Korea.

Casino Details

In recently provided specifications to, Mohegan clarified nan scope of nan casino space.

The edifice casino will span astir 200K quadrate feet and inhabit 2 levels. The Main Casino is connected Level 2 of nan edifice and will beryllium for nan wide gaming public.

Calling nan main casino a “lively and breathtaking realm” pinch “diverse gaming experiences” for “guests from each walks of life,” nan Inspire Casino abstraction will beryllium wherever nan superior allotment of slots sit. In all, nan Level 2 casino will connection conscionable 374 slots, but 50 different games. By comparison, Mohegan’s namesake flagship casino edifice successful Connecticut, Mohegan Sun, offers astir 4,000 slots.

Inspire will besides connection a 160-seat physics array crippled stadium featuring a 78-foot LED screen. As for unrecorded trader array games, nan edifice will unfastened pinch 150 tables from 13 titles. Baccarat will beryllium nan ascendant game.

Inspire will besides run a VIP Casino abstraction connected Level 3. The friendly gaming acquisition successful backstage rooms, Mohegan officials say, is reserved for those seeking “a refined and elegant ambiance.”

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