Mississippi Mobile Sports Betting Bill Advances

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Posted on: January 31, 2024, 02:38h. 

Last updated on: February 1, 2024, 12:10h.

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Legalized online sports betting is simply a measurement person successful Mississippi. On Tuesday, nan House Gaming Committee approved HB 774, nan “Mississippi Mobile Sports Wagering Act.”

The Mississippi State House, successful JacksonThe Mississippi State House, successful Jackson, above. Republican State Senator Casey Eure has introduced a caller measure to legalize online sports betting successful nan Magnolia State. (Image: Visit Jackson)

In-person sports wagering has been ineligible successful nan Magnolia State since 2018. But online betting remains outlawed complete worries mobile bets could erode casino profits.

HB 774 would legalize mobile sports betting, but require bettors to usage online services from existing casinos. Rep. Casey Eure (R – Saucier), House Gaming Committee chairman, is nan bill’s superior sponsor.

The number 1 extremity is to protect our brick-and-mortar buildings,” Eure said. “Every mobile sports wager will beryllium tied to a brick-and-mortar building.”

Eure has been a cardinal fig successful moving sports betting regulations guardant since nan Mississippi Mobile Online Sports Betting Task Force gathering past October. There are 26 casinos successful Mississippi, according to nan task force.

The existent House connection would require online sportsbooks for illustration DraftKings aliases FanDuel to partner pinch a beingness casino earlier customers tin participate successful mobile betting.

The 122-member House Chamber could ballot connected nan measurement this week.

Other Bills successful Mobile Sports Arena

Eure’s measure is nan 3rd sports betting measure introduced successful nan Mississippi House of Representatives successful nan past 2 weeks. But is nan only 1 that’s garnered bipartisan support.

Last week, Rep. Cedric Burnett  (D) introduced HB 271, while Rep. Jay McKnight (R) revenge HB 625. The 2 bills, which are identical, create a gradual taxation strategy based connected online sports betting revenue. Under their projected system, gross up to $50K would beryllium taxed astatine 4%, gross up to $134K would beryllium taxed astatine 6%, and gross of much than $134K would beryllium taxed astatine 8%.

Eure’s HB 774 would spot a 12% taxation connected sports wagers, pinch 4% going toward nan section municipality wherever nan sponsor casino is located and 8% going to nan state.

As reported successful Casino.org, Mississippi casinos stay astatine odds pinch lawmakers and reason an description of sports betting.

House Minority Leader Democratic Rep. Robert Johnson III (D-Natchez) is concerned astir smaller casinos being choked retired of nan market, pinch larger casinos much quickly partnering pinch sports betting outfits.

How Much and How Soon

Eure estimates nan “Mississippi Mobile Sports Wagering Act” could make betwixt $25 cardinal and $35 cardinal successful gross during nan first twelvemonth if enacted. He believes changing nan existent laws would undercut nan power of forbidden offshore sports betting platforms successful Mississippi.

Once you legalize mobile sports betting, you do distant pinch a batch of that forbidden market,” Eure said.

In presenting his bill, Eure noted that forbidden betting sites spot astir $64 cardinal successful wagers each year, pinch Mississippi making up 5% of that market, which is astir $3 cardinal successful forbidden bets.

The American Gaming Association says mobile sports betting is already ineligible successful 29 states and Washington, D.C.

If nan Mississippi House passes Eure’s proposal, nan measure will move to nan Senate. Consideration successful nan Senate includes a committee and a afloat ballot connected nan Senate floor. If location are immoderate amendments to nan measure successful immoderate way, it would spell backmost to nan House for approval.

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