Lucky Player Scoops Three $125k+ Jackpots Within Three Hours in Las Vegas

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Man celebrating rate windfall

A fortunate subordinate won 3 six-figure slot instrumentality jackpots wrong 3 hours this week astatine Caesars Palace. [Image:]

A fortunate subordinate successful Las Vegas walked distant pinch $667,750 pursuing 3 large slot instrumentality jackpot wins astatine Caesars Palace. The first large triumph came astatine astir 9:30pm connected Tuesday erstwhile he deed for $125,000, pinch a further $383,500 coming little than 90 minutes later.

The personification intelligibly felt that it was their fortunate time and went connected to scoop different jackpot worthy $159,250 not agelong aft midnight.

hit a $165,000 jackpot followed by different triumph of $545,000

Something akin happened a mates of weeks anterior astatine nan aforesaid property, arsenic an unnamed subordinate deed a $165,000 jackpot followed by different triumph of $545,000 astatine a different instrumentality little than 5 hours later.

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