Las Vegas Bus Drivers Threaten Strike, May Impact Super Bowl Week

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Posted on: January 29, 2024, 10:03h. 

Last updated on: January 29, 2024, 10:38h.

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Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada autobus drivers and mechanics person authorized a strike, arsenic negotiations proceed successful an effort to scope a deal.

An Amalgamated Transit Union personnel votesAn Amalgamated Transit Union personnel votes connected a statement proposal. The national rejected nan connection and Las Vegas autobus drivers are threatening a strike. (Image: KTNV)

During votes connected Thursday and Friday, nan Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1637 overwhelmingly rejected nan latest connection from Transdev, nan patient that operates nan RTC nationalist autobus service.

The national said its members rejected nan connection by a 597 to six vote. Workers want higher salaries and improved safety.

For drivers and mechanics: nary salary raise, nary salary summation until adjacent year, aft they’ve been present for a year,” Dennis Hennessey, a autobus driver and ATU member, explained to Las Vegas TV position KTNV. “And it’s a 2 percent across-the-board raise. For those of america drivers that are astatine nan apical of nan salary scale, it’s an 11-cent-an-hour raise — which is nothing.”

Hundreds of national members could locomotion disconnected nan occupation successful nan days starring up to and including  Super Bowl 58. The large crippled is being played successful Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium connected February 11.

Drivers are alert a onslaught would effect nan hundreds of thousands of visitors who are expected to show up for nan Super Bowl and related events.

Sure would beryllium reliable if we were connected onslaught for group to move astir this municipality for Super Bowl since they’re not letting cabs, Uber aliases Lyft spell anyplace adjacent Allegiant Stadium,” Hennessey said. “Sure would beryllium reliable to person quiet buses sitting and cipher getting connected those buses.”

Hennessy added that guidance wouldn’t beryllium capable to find capable replacement drivers if location is simply a strike, Las Vegas TV position KVVU reported.

Drivers Punched, Assaulted, Spit On

Beyond salary, autobus drivers besides are concerned astir worker safety. Seventeen acts of violence took spot connected RTC buses betwixt March and September of 2023.

“We’ve sewage drivers retired location being spit on, punched, assaulted — driver had a weapon changeable astatine his model past week — only to person nan RTC do thing effective,” Hennessey told KTNV.

In a statement, Transdev spokesperson Bill Marion said national members already were fixed a “significant costs increase” past summer. Back then, guidance and nan national agreed connected a impermanent pact to supply “over $6 cardinal successful yearly finance and guaranteeing raises of astatine slightest 8%.”

“The speech process has been productive, professional, and conducted successful bully religion by each parties. Transdev remains hopeful for a swift solution alongside our partners astatine nan ATU,” nan connection added.

Strike Would Be Illegal

As of a fewer days ago, Transdev had yet to get a general onslaught notification from nan union. The national has to supply a 30-day written announcement to clasp a ineligible strike, nan institution said.

Both parties are operating nether a valid agreement, truthful immoderate usurpation of this statement would beryllium an unlawful act,” Transdev said successful nan statement. “It is Transdev’s anticipation that nan ATU will grant nan statement and present uninterrupted work to nan public. We stay committed to providing safe and reliable work to our community.”

The Culinary Union has besides threatened to spell retired connected onslaught connected February 2 if settlements aren’t reached betwixt Las Vegas properties and hospitality workers who are still trying to scope agreements.

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