Las Vegas Airport Continues Historic Post-Pandemic Rise, Soars to New Record

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Posted on: February 1, 2024, 12:46h. 

Last updated on: February 1, 2024, 12:58h.

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Las Vegas was bustling past year, arsenic 40.8 cardinal group visited nan casino town. The city’s superior airport, Harry Reid International, served galore of nan travelers, arsenic nan airdrome reported grounds rider numbers this week.

Las Vegas airdrome Harry Reid InternationalA level arrives astatine Harry Reid International Airport successful Las Vegas. The superior airdrome serving Las Vegas counted grounds rider postulation successful 2023. (Image: Getty)

A connection from nan superior commercialized airdrome serving Southern Nevada revealed that Harry Reid International accommodated 57.6 cardinal arriving and departing passengers successful 2023. The grounds full soared past nan airport’s erstwhile all-time precocious of 52.6 cardinal passengers achieved successful 2022.

Setting a caller yearly rider grounds emphasizes nan spot of aerial recreation successful Las Vegas and nan religion successful Harry Reid International Airport to present a world-class customer experience,” said Rosemary Vassiliadis, Clark County’s head of aviation. “We worked to raise nan barroom moreover further successful 2023, arsenic millions traveled for typical events, conventions, sporting events, concerts, and more. Our attraction is already focused connected 2024 and gathering nan continued request for our increasing region.”

Domestic postulation climbed almost 9% to 53.4 cardinal passengers. International traffic took off too, rising complete 28% to astir 3.2 cardinal passengers. The remaining 1 cardinal passengers came aliases near via helicopters.

Destination Las Vegas

Southern Nevada is known for its integrated casino resorts, normal capabilities, first-class dining, and earthy wildlife and excursions — each of it paired pinch abundant sunshine. But successful caller years, Las Vegas has emerged arsenic a awesome sports destination, too.

Once shunned by master sports for its wide sports gambling, Las Vegas garnered its first awesome sports franchise successful 2017 pinch nan NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights. The lucky squad reached nan Stanley Cup Finals successful nan description team’s first play successful existence. The Golden Knights won nan coveted trophy past twelvemonth successful nan team’s 5th year.

The relocation of nan NFL Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas up of nan 2020 play further solidified Las Vegas arsenic a awesome sports town. The metropolis will only grow its sports offering successful nan coming years erstwhile MLB’s Oakland A’s relocate to Las Vegas pinch a caller ballpark wherever nan Tropicana presently stands.

Aviation officials successful Clark County opportunity they are continuing to research its resources to meet nan ongoing request increases. The region is considering a 2nd commercialized airdrome successful nan Ivanpah Valley southwest of Las Vegas. The project, called nan Southern Nevada Supplemental Airport, will soon acquisition an biology effect review.

Southwest Expands Market Control

Southwest Airlines carried much passengers to and from Harry Reid past twelvemonth than immoderate different airliner. The low-cost bearer served complete 20.8 cardinal passengers, a astir 16% year-over-year increase.

Spirit Airlines was a distant 2nd astatine 8.4 cardinal flyers. Earlier this month, a national judge blocked JetBlue’s projected $3.8 cardinal acquisition of Spirt connected concerns nan merger could frighten title and harm nan US aviation marketplace pinch higher fares. JetBlue and Spirit are appealing nan decision.

JetBlue served astir 1 cardinal passengers done Harry Reid past year. If JetBlue were allowed to get nan ultra-low-cost carrier, nan mixed hose would somewhat wound into Southwest’s power successful Southern Nevada.

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