Las Vegas Adult Dancer, ‘Hazel,’ Allegedly Stole Rolex Watches

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An exotic performer has a tribunal lawsuit pending that claims she stole 2 pricey watches from a man complete nan summer. She met him astatine Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Las Vegas.

Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club Las VegasSpearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Las Vegas, pictured above. A nine dancer met a man and allegedly stole 2 Rolex watches from him. (Image: Spearmint Rhino)

On that August 25 night, nan dancer gave nan unnamed man a thrust home, spent nan nighttime astatine his place, and past swiped nan 2 Rolex timepieces earlier disappearing, constabulary said.

The dancer, Jennifer Tapia Alvarado, who is either 24 aliases 25, and precocious lived successful Phoenix, Ariz., provided nan thrust aft nan man was apparently excessively intoxicated to thrust himself home.

He knew Tapia Alvarado from anterior occasions and called her by nan nickname of “Hazel.”

The 2 had agreed via texts to meet astatine nan portion club’s valet area astatine astir 4:15 a.m.

By 5 a.m., nan 2 made it to nan man’s residence. They had immoderate alcoholic drinks and she agreed to walk nan night.

The 2 shared a chamber but nan man claims he didn’t pay her for sex. He fell asleep. Later successful nan day, he awoke to find nan female gone.

He became concerned and went to look successful a closet. He checked a container wherever he stored fancy watches.

$40K Value connected Watches

The 2 Rolex watches were missing. One was a two-tone golden and metallic “Bluesy” model. The different was a Submariner “Starbucks” model, according to nan Las Vegas Review-Journal. The 2 watches had a mixed worth of astir $40K, LVMPD officers revealed.

Even though nan man had taken disconnected different Rolex watch, that he was wearing erstwhile he met nan woman, and placed it connected a nighttime table, it was untouched erstwhile he awoke. Also untouched connected nan array was astir $800 successful rate that he had near adjacent to nan watch.

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The man attempted to nonstop matter messages to Tapia Alvarado. He wanted his watches back. He sent galore messages to her.

But she blocked his telephone number and ne'er responded.

The man past contacted nan Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).

Police attempted to interaction Tapia Alvarado astatine nan strip club, wherever she worked arsenic an exotic dancer, according to Las Vegas TV position KLAS.

By tracing her compartment telephone use, LVMPD officers were capable to build a lawsuit and supply capable accusation to nan Clark County District Attorney’s agency truthful prosecutors could use for a warrant.

Larceny, Burglary

Prosecutors sewage nan warrant approved successful November. It charged her pinch expansive larceny and residential burglary.

She was arrested connected January 9. She was released connected her ain recognizance. Her adjacent tribunal day is connected February 22.

She has yet to participate a plea connected nan 2 charges.

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