Jürgen Klopp Announces Liverpool Exit: Xabi Alonso Favorite to Replace Him

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Jürgen Klopp is connected his measurement out, and sportsbooks person fixed their return connected who mightiness switch him. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Soccer head Jürgen Klopp has conscionable announced that he will measurement down from his domiciled astatine Liverpool astatine nan extremity of nan season. He has already informed nan nine ownership of his wish to time off erstwhile nan 2023/24 run comes to a close.

8.5 years astatine nan helm for Liverpool, guiding them to six awesome trophies

The German has spent 8.5 years astatine nan helm for Liverpool, guiding them to six awesome trophies. Perhaps astir notably, this included securing nan club’s first English Premier League triumph successful nan 2019/20 season, putting an extremity to a 30-year hold since Liverpool’s erstwhile top-flight title.

Confirming nan determination to leave, Klopp admitted he tin understand why it mightiness travel arsenic a daze for a batch of people, fixed his emotion for nan club, city, and its fans. However, he said he is “running retired of energy,” adding: “I cannot do nan occupation again and again and again and again.”

Sportsbooks person now provided nan latest likelihood arsenic to who could switch nan manager.

Xabi Alonso -138

Liverpool fable Xabi Alonso is connected apical astatine likelihood of -138. The Spaniard is presently caput coach for Bayer Leverkusen, pinch nan squad classed first successful nan Bundesliga and hoping to unafraid their first-ever convention title. Alonso played for Liverpool betwixt 2004 and 2009, making him a favourite pinch fans.

Pep Lijnders +700

Next up is Pep Lijnders, who has for a agelong clip been seen arsenic nan earthy successor for Klopp. As assistant, he has served arsenic Klopp’s right-hand man passim his reign, but he has besides implied he will time off successful nan summertime to prosecute his ambitions elsewhere. If you deliberation he mightiness alteration his mind past it could beryllium worthy a short astatine +700.

Roberto De Zerbi +850

Roberto De Zerbi is 3rd favourite astatine likelihood of +850. The Italian shot coach is presently managing Brighton & Hove Albion wherever he is doing a sterling job. The squad is now seventh successful nan EPL and their style of play has been complemented passim nan season. Their 38 goals truthful acold this play person secured them nan estimation of “the awesome entertainers.”

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