Hong Kong Police Dismantle Triad Gambling, Drugs, and Sex Businesses, Arrest 347 People

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Hong Kong constabulary officer

Hong Kong constabulary arrested 347 group pursuing 3 days of raids connected forbidden gambling, drugs, and activity businesses. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Police successful Hong Kong person made 347 arrests arsenic portion of a run to dismantle extended criminal operations crossed nan city. Law enforcement raided 252 venues complete a three-day play to return down nan triad-controlled gambling, sex, and supplier enterprises. Some of nan properties that constabulary executed hunt warrants for included pubs, saunas, nightclubs, and mahjong parlors.

tackling triad activities is simply a awesome privilege for nan commissioner

They besides unopen down unlicensed pubs, supplier dens, and forbidden gambling facilities. The suspects look varying charges, including supplier trafficking, rank successful a criminal organization, operating an forbidden gambling facility, and money laundering. A spokesperson for nan constabulary confirmed that tackling triad activities is simply a awesome privilege for nan commissioner and that rule enforcement will proceed to transportation retired these types of investigations.

This is not nan first awesome sweeping group of raids connected forbidden gambling successful Hong Kong. The authorities arrested 335 group successful a akin cognition successful November, seizing HKD1.8m (US$230,362) worthy of gaming chips and various weapons. Then successful December, they detained hundreds of much group in much gambling busts, including personification suspected of laundering HK$15m (US$1.9m) successful forbidden gambling proceeds.

Most forms of gambling are presently forbidden successful Hong Kong, pinch nan main exceptions of nan state-run lottery, equine racing wagering, and shot betting.

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