Historic Las Vegas Bar Approved for Gaming via FaceTime

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Posted on: January 31, 2024, 11:14h. 

Last updated on: January 31, 2024, 11:46h.

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One of Las Vegas’ longest-operating bars has made history for different reason. Last week, nan Hard Hat Lounge received what is believed to beryllium nan only gaming licence ever approved via a video call.

The Hard Hat LoungeThe Hard Hat Lounge is either nan 2nd aliases third-oldest barroom still operating successful Las Vegas. (Image: Google)

Frankie Sidoris, nan caller proprietor of nan aged dive bar, couldn’t be nan Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) proceeding because he was successful Bogota, Columbia. That’s because he was touring South America pinch Slash of Guns N’ Roses arsenic portion of nan celebrated lead guitarist’s solo band. Sidoris called successful to nan proceeding from a car.

I dream you’re a passenger,” said Commission chair Jennifer Togliatti, according to nan Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He was. Otherwise, nan ballot whitethorn not person been unanimously successful nan bar’s favor. The commissioners approved a restricted licence bully for 15 slot machines.

The Top Hat pinch nan Hard Hat. Sidoris, right, shreds connected circuit pinch Slash. (Image: Instagram/@franksidoris)

Between Rock and Hard Hat

Sidoris, nan boy of original “Crazy Girls” formed personnel Angela Stabile and Resorts World pit leader Frank Sidoris, did look earlier a Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) proceeding earlier this month, wherever he received nan board’s proposal for a license.

And while nan different petition to telephone into a proceeding could person been perceived arsenic grounds that Sidoris prioritized stone n’ rotation complete gaming, nan commissioners seemed for illustration euphony fans themselves.

I emotion that you person astonishment shows astatine nary screen complaint for group to travel and bask music,” Commissioner Ogonna Brown said, according to nan R-J’s coverage. “It sounds for illustration a wonderful, awesome caller summation to Las Vegas. I cognize this location is not new, but you’re infusing caller power into it. So bully luck, and I’m excited to spot what you do present successful Las Vegas.”

Actually, nan gaming licence prohibits screen charges, since licensees are required to supply nationalist entree to their gaming devices.

Old Hat

The Hard Hat, astatine 1675 S. Industrial Road downtown, is either nan 2nd aliases third-oldest Las Vegas barroom still operating.  It was established successful 1962, nan aforesaid twelvemonth arsenic nan Huntridge Tavern, but 10 years aft Atomic Liquors. The Hard Hat took complete a building that opened arsenic a diner successful 1958.

For a basking second, nan Hard Hat was location to Guerrilla Pizza, a Detroit-style pizza institution founded by Robby Cunningham, who began leasing nan Hard Hat’s cramped room from its erstwhile proprietor successful 2020.

It was Cunningham who alerted Sidoris that nan barroom was for sale, and who was capable to liking him successful forming a business to acquisition it successful 2022. Their business lasted until past May. That’s erstwhile Sidoris bought retired Cunningham, who had outgrown nan space, and moved section cook Bobby Meader’s Stay Tuned Burgers into nan kitchen.

Sidoris was capable to operation immoderate buzz for nan bar’s 2nd reopening nether his ownership successful December by recruiting Slash and immoderate of his friends to execute there.

No, not Axl.

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