Georgia Won’t Legalize Sports Betting in 2024 Due to Disagreements Over Tax Money

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Legal sports betting will not travel to Georgia this twelvemonth aft lawmakers grounded to work together connected nan destination of taxation revenue. [Image:]

Not capable progress

Residents of Georgia will person to hold different twelvemonth for lawmakers to legalize sports betting. Attempts to push done authorities during nan 2024 convention yet proved to beryllium unsuccessful, pinch nan main rumor being nan destination of nan taxation revenue.

a afloat House ballot yet ne'er took place

Despite nan Georgia House Committee connected Higher Education approving Senate Resolution 579 (SR579) and Senate Bill 386 connected Thursday morning, a afloat House ballot yet ne'er took spot connected nan matter. The erstwhile was a solution to legalize sports betting pinch a law amendment and nan second would person permitted online wagering. March 28 was nan last time of nan existent legislative session.

Differing views

The extremity was to unafraid a two-thirds mostly to get done nan House aft receiving Senate support successful February. If nan connection sewage capable support successful some chambers, nan measurement would person gone to a nationalist ballot successful November.

The measure that nan Senate approved would person directed 85% of taxation gross to pre-kindergarten programs, nan HOPE Scholarship, acquisition training, and various forms of superior improvements. The remainder of nan money would person gone toward a money to thief dainty problem gambling.

The House committee connected Thursday greeting altered SR579 to alteration nan disbursements of nan taxation money. Democrats wanted much elasticity successful nan usage of nan funds, including giving money to students based connected request alternatively than merit.

Perks of legalization

Those successful favour of legalizing sports betting successful Georgia reason that a batch of group are already wagering illegally done achromatic marketplace platforms. By regulating nan activity, nan authorities would use from nan resulting taxation gross and besides beryllium capable to amended protect consumers.

38 US states presently connection immoderate shape of sports betting, including Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee, which separator Georgia.

The latest type of nan connection successful Georgia was looking to return a 25% trim of sportsbook operator’s revenue, which is astir nan mediate of nan battalion erstwhile compared to taxation rates successful different states. A full of 16 licenses would person been disposable and they would person carried a $1m yearly renewal fee.

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