GambetDC Sports Betting App on Thin Ice in Washington, DC

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GamebetDC — nan arguable sports wagering mobile exertion offered by nan DC Lottery — could beryllium connected borrowed time.

US CapitolThe US Capitol. The DC Lottery is considering different usability for GamebetDC. (Image: Carol M. Highsmith/Library of Congress)

Washington, DC’s statement pinch usability Intralot expires successful July and DC Lottery appears unfastened to pulling power of mobile sports betting successful nan nation’s capitol from nan Greek institution and giving it to different gaming firm. Representatives from DC Lottery made comments to that effect astatine nan Jan. 18 gathering of nan D.C. Council’s Committee connected Business and Economic Development (CBED).

It’s nary concealed that nan backstage operators person a very beardown brand, truthful they’re capable to really capable to usage that branding and that advertizing to tie successful much players,” said DC Lottery leader Frank Suarez astatine nan meeting. “We want a bigger brand. We want thing that players are utilized to and highly satisfied with, which is why we’re looking to make nan change.”

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DC Lottery’s pact pinch Intralot has been heavy criticized because it’s a sole-source contract, meaning location wasn’t a competitory bidding process. That’s seen arsenic 1 logic GamBetDC is delivering disappointing performances.

DC Lottery Not Seeking to Replace GambetDC

DC Lottery isn’t seeking an outright replacement of GambetDC. Rather, nan agency wants to change its statement pinch Intralot to compel nan usability to bring connected a subcontractor.

In different words, nan sports wagering statement isn’t being put retired to bid, but nan mobile app could yet carnivore nan branding of much acquainted online sportsbook operators, specified arsenic BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook and FanDuel. All 3 connection unit betting successful Washington, DC.

However, those companies tin only connection mobile wagering wrong 2 blocks of their unit books whereas GamebetDC is accessible each complete nan metropolis isolated from for wrong national buildings. Some section politicians judge it’s clip for a change. Council personnel Kenyan R. McDuffie (I-At Large) noted astatine nan gathering that GamebetDC has been a dud since inception.

“Simply put, sports betting successful nan nation’s superior is not working,” he said while adding it’s clip “tell nan nationalist what’s gone wrong, and much importantly, what precisely they intend to do to hole nan messiness that’s been made.”

GambetDC Riddled pinch Issues

Since its debut, GamebetDC has been fraught pinch problems that affected bettors. For example, location were reports of nan app offering likelihood of -115 to -118 (bet $115 aliases $118 to triumph $100) connected games that would usually transportation likelihood of -110 (bet $110 to triumph $100). Additionally, location person been method difficulties, including nan app failing iPhone users during nan 2022 Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is nan astir wagered-on, single-game arena successful nan US.

More recently, nan app constricted stake sizes and location person been a dependable watercourse of reports that immoderate bettors successful nan metropolis still spell to Maryland aliases Northern Virginia to get superior likelihood and usage app specified arsenic DraftKings and FanDuel.

“There’s an opportunity for america to get 1 of nan backstage usability apps that players consciousness is overmuch amended than what we’re providing,” Suarez said astatine nan CBED hearing. “It launched pinch a benignant of clunky, not user-friendly app. And I deliberation moreover pinch nan changes we made to nan interface, there’s still subordinate cognition nan likelihood aren’t arsenic good, and nan app isn’t going to activity arsenic good … we conscionable realized those perceptions would beryllium difficult to alteration and it would beryllium champion to spell up and conscionable switch nan platform.”

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