Four Teens Accused In Murder of Las Vegas Student Plead Not Guilty

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Posted on: January 25, 2024, 07:27h. 

Last updated on: January 27, 2024, 11:12h.

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Almost half of nan teenagers who allegedly hit and stomped connected a defenseless 17-year-old Las Vegas boy entered not blameworthy pleas connected Thursday. They are accused of sidesplitting Jonathan Lewis. The teen was brutally attacked successful an alley adjacent Rancho High School connected Nov. 1, 2023.

Four teenagers look successful tribunal connected execution chargesFour teenagers look successful tribunal connected execution charges. Each pleaded not guilty. (Image: KVVU)

Cases against 4 of nan 9 young defendants will caput to trial, according to Las Vegas TV position KLAS. The defendants are Damien Hernandez, 18, Dontral Beaver, 16, Gianni Robinson, 17, and Treavion Randolph, 16. Each is charged pinch second-degree execution and conspiracy aft a assemblage handed down indictments past week.

On Thursday, Clark County District Judge Tierra Jones scheduled April 1 arsenic nan proceedings day for Beaver and Robinson. Trial dates person yet to beryllium group for Randolph and Hernandez.

Lawyers representing nan accused teens declare they were acting successful self-defense. Lewis hurled nan first punch, which started nan brawl, and different boy who sided pinch Lewis had a weapon successful his possession, nan defendants’ ineligible squad maintains.

There are 5 different juveniles besides facing charges successful nan killing. Prosecutors want them tried arsenic adults. A 10th fishy has yet to beryllium arrested.

Fight Started Over Headphones

The fatal beating began complete stolen wireless headphones and perchance a vape pen, according to KLAS. A mob of teens stole nan items from a younger kid and threw them into a trash can, USA Today reported.

A personification contacted 911 aft nan boy suffered terrible caput injuries, and a schoolhouse caregiver tried to execute cardiopulmonary resuscitation connected him.

There is bleeding connected his head, he has a bump connected his caput and [he was] scratched connected his elbows,” nan caller told authorities. “He’s bleeding from his nose, and his look is turning blue.”

Lewis was rushed to University Medical Center, wherever he was placed connected life support. He died a week aft nan attack. An autopsy by nan Clark County coroner’s agency revealed Lewis died from blunt-force trauma, which led to his decease being ruled a homicide.

Lewis chose to take sides his smaller friend and soon was attacked.

Victim Was a Hero

The victim’s father, Jonathan Lewis Sr., told USA Today, “Jonathan conscionable wanted to protect his friend. He’s a hero.”

We each must beryllium held accountable for our choices,” Lewis Sr. said successful a connection to KLAS. “Actually recognizing why, astatine this age, our children chose violence, nan guidelines cause, nan panic of changeless assets conflict and dependence connected a surgery strategy and really building our ain self-regulated wealthiness and wellness is simply a immense portion of justness for maine arsenic a begetter too.”

An online GoFundMe fundraiser for nan unfortunate and his family has presently raised $136,505.

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