Former LSU Football Player Accused of Nearly 9K Illegal Sports Bets

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Posted on: January 25, 2024, 03:57h. 

Last updated on: January 26, 2024, 11:25h.

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A erstwhile LSU shot subordinate who was drafted by nan New England Patriots past twelvemonth is facing a myriad of problem for allegedly placing much than 8,900 forbidden sports bets while he was still successful school.

LSU shot sports betting Kayshon BoutteKayshon Boutte poses for his inferior play photograph. Boutte is facing a felony complaint for allegedly placing forbidden sports bets while he was underage and playing assemblage football. (Image: LSU Tigers)

This morning, Kayshon Boutte, 21, surrendered to Louisiana State Police aft a warrant for his apprehension was issued by nan 19th Judicial District Court successful nan East Baton Rouge Parish.

Prosecutors allege that Boutte unlawfully opened and managed a FanDuel sports betting relationship while he was a student-athlete astatine LSU and playing shot for nan Tigers.

Boutte has been charged pinch a felony count of machine fraud and a misdemeanor complaint for gambling while underage. He was released aft posting a $6,000 bond. The machine fraud complaint carries a imaginable punishment of up to 5 years successful situation and a $10K fine.

Affidavit Details

An soul investigation conducted by FanDuel wished that Boutte utilized his woman Kayla Fortenberry’s individual accusation to found an online sports betting relationship connected April 5, 2002. Boutte wasn’t 21 astatine nan clip — nan ineligible property successful Louisiana to participate successful sports betting — but Fortenberry was.

FanDuel says nan relationship successful mobility was highly progressive and made astir 8,927 wagers from April 6, 2022, done May 17, 2023. At slightest 17 bets were connected NCAA football, including wagers connected LSU games.

There’s nary grounds that Boutte stake against LSU aliases threw games. But he did allegedly stake connected himself done subordinate props and parlays. Such bets see whether a circumstantial subordinate will people a touchdown aliases person a definite number of yards.

After nan Louisiana State Police’s Gaming Enforcement Division, Sports Wagering Unit, was tipped disconnected astir nan imaginable illicit relationship by FanDuel, authorities investigators gained warrants to look into nan banking records surrounding nan account.

The Fortenberry relationship was exclusively funded by a Visa paper that authorities investigators linked to Boutte’s mother, Tanisha Boutte. Police followed nan money and recovered that a Visa paper belonging to Kayshon made 287 transfers to nan Visa controlled by Tanisha during nan period.

Information provided by FanDuel Sportsbook shows that successful 2022, $100,939 was deposited to nan ‘Fortenberry’ account. In 2022, $450,969.44 was wagered from that account, pinch $385,597.71 won,” nan affidavit detailed.

FanDuel said different $31,208.53 was deposited to nan “Fortenberry” relationship successful 2023. Nearly 1,500 wagers ended up winning $170,675.87.

The book seemingly won backmost astir of those losses done further bets. The affidavit says nan relationship had a equilibrium of $0.67 astatine nan extremity of nan year, contempt location only being $50,282.36 successful withdrawals made during nan two-year clip frame.

Massachusetts Betting Account

Boutte enjoyed a successful playing profession astatine LSU. He played successful 27 games, started 21, and vanished his three-season profession pinch 131 receptions, 1,782 receiving yards, and 16 touchdowns.

Boutte skipped his elder twelvemonth and entered nan 2023 NFL Draft, wherever he was selected successful nan sixth information — nan 187th wide prime — by nan Patriots. Soon aft relocating to Massachusetts, FanDuel says Boutte sewage backmost to his illicit sports betting ways.

FanDuel compliance officers opportunity an online wagering relationship opened successful Massachusetts connected June 7, 2023, was registered to Kayshon Boutte. Boutte turned 21 connected May 7, 2023. The Visa paper that funded nan Massachusetts relationship was nan aforesaid relationship that linked to Tanisha.

State prosecutors successful Louisiana opportunity tribunal orders that resulted successful nan disclosure of IP addresses and geolocation information connected nan Louisiana FanDuel relationship revealed that Boutte was nan only personification gambling connected nan account. The bets were linked backmost to Boutte’s iPhone 13 Pro Max and a wireless IP reside provided by Cox Communications that nan institution said was subscribed to an reside wherever Boutte lived.

The investigation recovered Boutte to person stake connected respective LSU games successful which he played, including nan Tigers’ crippled against Florida State that was played successful nan Caesars Superdome successful New Orleans connected Sept. 4, 2022.

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