Five Major Betting Trends for NBA Games on Christmas 2023

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Five Christmas NBA betting trends to cognize earlier nan games get underway connected December 25. [Image:]

Another twelvemonth of NBA connected Christmas 

The NBA connected Christmas Day is simply a staple successful nan sports fan’s household, but which teams do caller trends propose are worthy betting connected this vacation season?

It’s nary nosy checking your stocking and ripping unfastened your presents conscionable to suffer retired erstwhile nan games start. That’s why we’ve compiled a fewer betting trends to cognize for each 5 games connected nan NBA Christmas schedule.

Starting from nan top, here’s what sports bettors request to cognize earlier nan NBA connected Christmas tips off.

*All numbers valid arsenic of 12/21/23. Odds courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook*

NBA Christmas Betting Trends

Milwaukee Bucks (-3) vs. New York Knicks (+3)

Need to know: The complete is backmost successful style

For years, nan nether was nan measurement to spell connected Christmas Eve. However, nan complete is now 12-3 connected Christmas Day complete nan past 3 years and went 5-0 successful 2022.

puts caller and humanities precedent connected nan broadside of nan over

The Bucks besides person nan second-most complete hits this play and are 19-8 (70.4%) successful its favor. The Knicks, contempt being a defensive-minded outfit, are 15-12 (55.6%) successful favour of nan over, which puts caller and humanities precedent connected nan broadside of nan over.

The prima players for some teams are besides connected occurrence entering nan matchup. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard are averaging a mixed 60.4 points successful December, while Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle are averaging 52.8 points.

Golden State Warriors (+4.5) vs. Denver Nuggets (-4.5)

Need to know: Defending NBA champions are 5-10 ATS successful nan past 15 Christmas games

The Dubs won their Christmas crippled past year, which marked a uncommon lawsuit successful which nan defending champs won their Dec. 25th game. However, history suggests that fading nan astir caller Finals victor is really a profitable approach.

The Warriors are besides 3-1 consecutive up and against nan dispersed successful their past 4 Christmas games, whereas Denver is 0-3 ATS connected Christmas during that span. 

Where this gets tricky is nan Nuggets are importantly amended astatine home, and nan Warriors are overmuch worse connected nan roadworthy than they are successful nan Chase Center. But don’t termination nan messenger, because nan trends opportunity to rotation pinch nan Dubs.   

Boston Celtics (+2) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (-2)

Need to know: This is nan astir 50-50 crippled of nan day

There are tons of conflicting trends to beryllium alert of successful this peculiar matchup. For example, nan Celtics are 5-3-1 ATS erstwhile facing nan Lakers pinch LeBron James successful nan lineup, but they’re only 12-12-2 ATS arsenic nan favourite this season.

the Lakers aren’t awesome against nan dispersed successful immoderate circumstance

Boston, wide considered to beryllium nan champion squad successful nan league, is besides conscionable 2-8-2 ATS arsenic an distant favorite. The Lakers aren’t awesome against nan dispersed successful immoderate circumstance, but are overmuch amended astatine home.

LeBron is nan all-time starring scorer connected Christmas Day and averaged 38.5 points complete his past 2 Christmas outings, though he mislaid and grounded to screen successful both. He’s 10-7 consecutive up, but 1-3 ATS successful his past 4 games connected Dec. 25.

Philadelphia 76ers (+1) vs. Miami Heat (-1)

Need to know: Miami owns nan Sixers

The Sixers are only 7-12-1 ATS since Jimmy Butler near nan City of Brotherly Love for South Beach. Miami covered successful 4 of their past 5 meetings, astir precocious beating Philly by 28 points arsenic a two-point underdog successful April.

Joel Embiid is successful nan champion agelong of his career

We’d beryllium remiss not to constituent retired that Joel Embiid is successful nan champion agelong of his career. He has recorded 13 consecutive games pinch astatine slightest 30 points and 10 rebounds and is averaging 41.4 points and 12.9 rebounds successful December.

Will nan reigning MVP overpower a acquainted foe aliases autumn level arsenic he usually does against Miami? Only (a very short magnitude of) clip will tell.

Dallas Mavericks (+4) vs. Phoenix Suns (-4)

Need to know: This has each nan makings of a adjacent game

The Mavericks’ roadworthy grounds (9-5) is tied for nan champion successful nan Western Conference. But contempt their wide success, they’re only 1-4 ATS arsenic a roadworthy underdog.

On nan different side, nan Suns are 4-8 ATS arsenic a location favourite and look to play amended connected nan road. Both teams were successful action past Christmas and covered successful wins, nan Suns against nan Nuggets and nan Mavericks against nan Lakers.

There’s besides an unspoken rivalry and bitterness betwixt Devin Booker and Luka Doncic making love backmost to their conflict successful nan Western Conference semifinals 2 years ago. These are 2 of nan champion offenses successful basketball, and nan crippled should travel down to nan wire, which usually favors nan squad that’s spotted nan points.

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