Fight on Jake Paul Undercard Faces Match-Fixing Probe Over Suspicious Betting Activity

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US Integrity has flagged suspicious activity relating to a conflict connected Jake Paul’s undercard past week. [Image:]

A reddish flag

Boxing matches involving societal media influencers person exploded successful fame complete nan past fewer years, pinch Jake Paul starring nan charge. His astir caller bout saw him conclusion Andre August pinch a first-round knockout connected December 15. A conflict connected nan undercard, though, is now facing scrutiny complete allegations of imaginable match-fixing.

flagged nan ace welterweight showdown betwixt Livan Navarro and nan unbeaten Yoenis Tellez

Sports betting monitoring patient US Integrity has flagged nan ace welterweight showdown betwixt Livan Navarro and nan unbeaten Yoenis Tellez. It astir went nan region contempt a third-round knockdown by Tellez. The favourite yet vanished Navarro successful nan tenth round, almost sending him retired of nan ringing pinch nan knockout punch.

Investigating nan matter

A sportsbook usability reportedly informed US Integrity astir suspicious betting activity surrounding nan fight. A important flurry of six-figure wagers was placed connected nan conflict lasting longer than 5.5 rounds. It was nan first bout of Tellez’s master profession that he had to spell past nan sixth round.

allegedly a personnel of nan area squad of 1 of nan fighters

One of these bettors was allegedly a personnel of nan area squad of 1 of nan fighters. The authorities are now investigating nan matter to spot if thing nefarious took place, but are not looking astatine Jake Paul aliases immoderate of his associates.

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Boxing has agelong been a athletics mired successful controversy. Links to shady individuals, arguable hometown judge decisions, and fishy knockouts person plagued nan athletics complete nan years. Interest successful boxing has been connected nan emergence owed to nan liking from influencers for illustration Jake and Logan Paul, contempt unsubstantiated allegations that immoderate of Jake Paul’s opponents person taken a autumn during fights.

An important service

Wagering monitoring companies for illustration US Integrity are very important for picking up connected immoderate suspicious trends aliases betting activity that mightiness bespeak match-fixing. It has triggered galore investigations complete nan past year.

US Integrity sends astir 15 to 20 alerts to betting regulators and sportsbook operators each period regarding thing that is perchance alarming.

Recent examples see highlighting Iowa State shot players who placed bets connected their ain team and are now facing criminal charges, arsenic good arsenic nan University of Alabama shot caput coach who sewage fired aft he passed wrong accusation to personification who past tried to spot a six-figure bet.

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