Fantasy Football Website Worker is Sacked After Cheating Scandal

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Posted on: January 29, 2024, 12:55h. 

Last updated on: January 29, 2024, 01:21h.

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An unnamed worker was fired precocious aft he allegedly altered a National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) Post-Season Hold ‘Em online game.

NFFC laminitis Greg AmbrosiusNFFC laminitis Greg Ambrosius, pictured above, revealed a cheating scandal. (Image: YouTube)

The worker is accused of making changes to use a title subordinate aft nan crippled began, according to ESPN.

The NFFC launched an enquiry aft it was alerted astir nan scandal.

We successfully revealed a post-deadline move successful 1 of our NFFC Post-Season Hold ‘Em contests that was detected and quickly confirmed, resulting successful SportsHub being capable to return contiguous action to resoluteness nan rumor without immoderate effect to nan results of nan contest,” NFFC laminitis Greg Ambrosius was quoted by ESPN.

NFFC is tally by genitor institution SportsHub.

Beyond nan worker getting fired, nan unnamed title subordinate was banned from further online play.

The lineup was changed by putting successful a subordinate who scored a touchdown, according to nan New York Post. The subordinate allegedly swapped a subordinate successful nan chaotic paper and divisional rounds of nan playoffs, according to ESPN. He switched Miami Dolphins moving backmost Raheem Mostert for Green Bay Packers moving backmost Aaron Jones.

He besides changed Kansas City Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice for Chiefs’ tight extremity Travis Kelce.

Changes Were Accidental?

At first, nan worker claimed he made nan changes manually by accident, but that mentation made nary sense, according to nan company.

One of nan participants, Pete Overzet, said a group of participants discovered nan irregularity successful nan game.

“It wouldn’t person stood retired unless you were intimately acquainted pinch really that title works,” Overzet explained to ESPN. “I deliberation this is incredibly damaging [to nan imagination industry] … we’re successful an era wherever group want to jump to conspiracy theories. Now, not only do you cognize that it tin occur, but it did occur, I deliberation that’s going to dispersed nan seeds of distrust.”

Worker’s Life Ruined

Ambrosius told NBC News he texted nan fired worker.

His life has been ruined. His dream occupation is gone. He’s fto everyone down,” Ambrosius added. “He’s fto his kids, who he loves much than thing successful this world, down. He fto his wife, who he has been pinch since precocious school, down.”

Ambrosius told nan ex-employee that “we each loved him and we each wanted to thief him.”

He was truthful ashamed of what he did, truthful embarrassed that he couldn’t talk to me,” Ambrosius revealed.

The title led to a $150K first prize. Some 1,521 participants took part.

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