Fairfax Casino Bill Shelved Until 2025, Economic Impact Study to Be Completed

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Posted on: February 2, 2024, 11:35h. 

Last updated on: February 2, 2024, 11:39h.

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The Fairfax casino measure pushed by authorities Sen. David Marsden (D-Fairfax) has been shelved until astatine slightest 2025.

Virginia Fairfax casino David MarsdenVirginia Sen. David Marsden testifies earlier nan authorities Senate Finance & Appropriations Resources Subcommittee astir his casino measure connected Feb. 1, 2024. Marsden wants to let Fairfax County to casino a casino, but his measure was shelved until astatine slightest 2025. (Image: Virginia Senate)

The Senate Finance & Appropriations Resources Subcommittee voted 4-0 connected Thursday to transportation nan measure complete to adjacent year’s session.

Sen. Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth), nan subcommittee chair, told nan committee and those successful attendance connected Thursday that she’s nan “Casino Queen” and is supportive of information of authorities that would let Fairfax officials and their constituents to deliberate a casino. But she thinks an updated reappraisal of nan imaginable economical benefits — and imaginable drawbacks — to a casino successful nan Tysons area is needed earlier Marsden’s Senate Bill 675 moves forward.

“I would for illustration to spot immoderate updated projections because I would for illustration to support this measure alive,” Lucas said.

Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC) looked astatine Northern Virginia erstwhile authorities lawmakers drafted their 2020 commercialized gaming bill. State researchers concluded that a casino successful nan bluish portion of nan commonwealth would make $155 cardinal annually successful authorities taxation gross from gaming, employment astir 3,200 people, and recoup astir $100 cardinal successful gaming money that’s presently being lost to casinos successful Maryland.

Local Opposition

Several organization boards and homeowners’ associations successful Fairfax voiced beardown opposition to Marsden’s casino push. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors this week penned a letter to authorities officials claiming they were kept retired of Marsden’s authoring of nan casino measure and weren’t asked for input connected nan matter.

The organization deserves to cognize each nan specifications of a awesome connection for illustration this, specifications specified arsenic what is really included successful nan proposal, nan projected site, imaginable revenues, organization impacts, postulation impacts, and much earlier nan General Assembly considers it,” Fairfax County Supervisor Chair Jeff McKay told FFXNow. “We still do not person each of nan accusation we need.”

Marsden said it’s his occupation “to springiness my region options” regarding economical improvement avenues.

Because of nan pandemic, which deed america hard, Fairfax County is losing a batch of commercialized existent property income and nan diminution successful Metro ridership has added greatly to nan burden,” Marsden said. “I deliberation it’s clip to nonstop this to nan section authorities for them to make their ain analytics, make their ain decisions astir this, nan pros and cons, and determine whether they want to person a referendum.”

Marsden’s measure needs legislative support and Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s (R) signing. If that were to happen, nan Fairfax authorities would beryllium allowed to section casino bids and past coming nan champion action to voters. If a mostly of region voters approved of nan project, only past would it beryllium formally cleared.

Marsden Stresses Importance

Marsden thinks Fairfax County homeowners should beryllium fresh for spot taxation increases successful nan coming years if they want to support their value schools, infrastructure, and first responder services. He says nan county’s spot taxation guidelines is dwindling successful nan pandemic aftermath arsenic galore employers proceed to let staffers to activity from location and sizeable agency abstraction remains vacant.

While Fairfax County residential existent property assessments accrued by 7% successful 2023, commercialized spot values grew only modestly by 1.65%.

“I don’t want anybody to opportunity 10 years from now, ‘Gee, why didn’t personification expect nan changes successful our gross image present successful Fairfax County and make adjustments?'” Marsden said past month.

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