FA Investigators Discover That Sandro Tonali Bet on Newcastle Games

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Sandro Tonali

The FA’s investigation into Sandro Tonali has recovered that he placed 50 bets connected shot games since moving to England, including connected his ain team. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

More issues

The English Football Association (FA) has issued 50 caller charges for betting offenses against Newcastle United midfielder Sandro Tonali. The 23-year-old is already successful nan mediate of serving a ten-month prohibition for gambling violations making love backmost to his days successful Italy.

The FA decided to motorboat its ain investigation into Tonali aft nan offenses successful his location state came to light. In a connection connected Thursday, nan statement said that he has until April 5 to respond to nan allegations.

bet arsenic galore arsenic 50 times connected shot games pursuing his move to England

The caller allegations contend that Tonali stake arsenic galore arsenic 50 times connected shot games pursuing his move to England successful July. This included matches involving his ain team, though he ne'er stake connected Newcastle to lose. Tonali did nan aforesaid erstwhile he was playing for some Brescia and AC Milan.

Supporting nan player

Newcastle United released a connection regarding nan caller charges, stating that nan nine still afloat sports Tonali and noted that he is complying pinch nan probe. It’s unclear if nan FA will enforce its ain further reward connected Tonali aliases if it will beryllium happy for him to service nan remainder of his existent ban.

Tonali’s ten-month suspension began successful October and requires him to get curen for his problem, arsenic good arsenic look astatine slightest 16 times astatine organizations for recovering addicts and astatine younker shot centers to speak astir his issues.

had been facing arsenic galore arsenic 3 years distant from nan sport

He had been facing arsenic galore arsenic 3 years distant from nan athletics earlier agreeing to a plea deal. Tonali’s supplier Giuseppe Riso revealed that his customer was struggling pinch a gambling addiction.

Tonali has been capable to train pinch his squad while serving nan ban; head Eddie Howe precocious revealed that nan nine has identified parts of his crippled that he tin improve, which helps to support nan midfielder focused.

Embedded successful nan sport

Some anti-gambling groups person questioned nan handing down of suspensions to shot players who are addicted to betting erstwhile they person to show up to activity surrounded by gambling-related imagery. The Big Step Campaign compared this difficult situation to “sending an alcoholic to activity successful a pub.”

Tonali moved to Newcastle for £53m ($67m) and only made 12 appearances for nan team. He is not eligible again until August 27, which intends that he will miss retired connected playing successful Euro 2024 pinch Italy.

The jerseys of English Premier League teams often transportation nan logos of gambling companies and field-side advertizing showcases akin messages. Tonali’s ain nine has partnerships pinch 3 gambling operators: Fun88, Sportsbet.io, and BetMGM.

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