Ex-Alabama Baseball Coach in Betting Storm Gets De Facto Ban

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Posted on: February 2, 2024, 08:37h. 

Last updated on: February 2, 2024, 10:44h.

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Former University of Alabama shot coach Brad Bohannon has been handed a 15-year show-cause punishment by nan NCAA aft providing insider accusation to an acquaintance for betting purposes.

Brad Bohannon, Bert Neff, NCAA, Alabama, assemblage betting scandalBrad Bohannon, above, would beryllium banned from assemblage shot for nan first 5 seasons were he ever to beryllium hired by different NCAA institution. (Image: Tuscaloosa News)

That intends immoderate assemblage that wants to employment nan disgraced coach must first warrant to nan NCAA why he deserves to beryllium hired. He would past beryllium suspended from shot for nan first 5 seasons of his employment. The bid each but precludes Bohannon from coaching assemblage shot successful nan adjacent future.

Bohannon was fired by Alabama successful early May pursuing reports of suspicious betting activity astir his team’s April 28 crippled against LSU successful Baton Rouge, La.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission issued an “emergency order” to its licensed sportsbooks to instantly extremity taking bets connected University of Alabama baseball.

Incompetent Accomplice

The NCAA confirmed Thursday that Bohannon informed Bert Neff, an obscure younker shot coach from Mooresville, Ind., of an wounded to Alabama pitcher Luke Holman that ruled him retired for nan crippled against LSU. Alabama mislaid nan game, 8-6.

Had it not been for Neff’s conspicuous ineptitude, nan world whitethorn person ne'er heard of nan conspiracy. Shortly earlier nan game, Neff approached nan sportsbook astatine Ohio’s Great American Ballpark, location to nan Cincinnati Reds, and attempted to spot $100K connected LSU.

Staff were instantly suspicious because nan marketplace connected nan crippled had received very small traffic, and nan projected stake was acold successful excess of nan sportsbook’s limit connected NCAA games.

In an effort to seduce unit to judge nan bet, Neff insisted that it was “for judge going to win,” adding that “if only you guys knew what I knew,” according to NCAA filings. Unable to incorporate himself, Neff proceeded to show sportsbook unit nan messages from Bohannon astir nan wounded to Holman.

“Holman is retired for judge … lemme cognize erstwhile I tin show LSU … Hurry,” Bohannon had written, according to nan filings.

Federal Charges for Neff

On Wednesday, Neff pleaded blameworthy to national obstruction charges successful relationship pinch nan incident — specifically, destroying evidence, tampering pinch witnesses, and providing mendacious statements to nan FBI. He faces up to 10 years successful situation and a good of up to $250K.

Neff placed an further stake connected nan crippled pinch a competing sportsbook and shared nan accusation pinch astatine slightest 4 different gamblers, according to national tribunal documents.

Bohannon, who hasn’t spoken publically astir nan incident, had been Alabama’s coach since 2018, earning an yearly net of $500K.

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